Resourceful TX-17 citizens

No more Bullchet

Rancor News representative with bumper stickers

Hopefully, others who are offering clever items for sale covering the upcoming Texas-17 congressional race will add their contact information in the comment section of this post. Here are two I’ve seen most recently:

  1. At the November is Coming National Bus Tour stop last month in Hensel Park, a representative from Conservative News and Satire site Rancor News was selling slyly-worded bumper stickers, including one urging “NO MORE BULL, CHET”. Or maybe the sticker pictured above isn’t a typo, and he intended BULLCHET to be one word? ;-)
  2. A few weeks back a commenter from Granbury asked about getting a bumper sticker saying “A vote for Chet is a vote for Pelosi.” Well, either someone heard his request or was thinking the same, because we received an email with a link to this same sticker:
A vote for Chet is a vote for Pelosi

Bumper sticker speaking the truth

Keep it up District 17!

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