These People Do Not Speak For The Rest Of Us

Democrats in their own words speaking in arrogance and in direct opposition to our Founding Fathers and Founding Documents. They do not speak for the rest of us. It is time to rally! It is time to stand shoulder to should in the streets, in the parks, on the steps of our Capitol buildings all across the nation!


  1. Kevin Lauchley says:

    I find the up coming election between Edwards and Flores will turn into a mudslinger. The public will lose out once again, truth will be the last thing to come out of either camp. Edwards wants his pension and lifetime of free health care(the type you and I can’t get), he talks like a average”Joe” on his weekly radio interviews. The truth is that Edwards votes the party line 90% of the time. Edwards is a left winger who clings to his right to carry,pulls pork for A&M,Vets,and old folks. A vote for Edwards is a vote for more big gov. intervention and programs. I will vote for Flores, I Would vote for anyone running against the incumbent.I have been forced to vote against candidates my whole adult life. I never voted for anyone for any office because I felt they were the best candidate, I always had to vote against the other idiot. As long as people return office holders to Washington over and over, we the people lose.

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