School Choice – “The Lottery”

One of the programs supported by the Bryan/College Station Tea Party is School Choice or Voucher Program. Parents want something good for their children regardless of demographics that try to subdivide them.  The fact is:

It is simply not in the best interest of the future of our nation to force kids to attend a failing public school.

This Reason TV interview with Madeline Sackler about her documentary “The Lottery” explains why the School Choice or Voucher Program is of vital importance to everyone.

“The problem is a system that protects academic failure.”

Sackler’s film does more than brilliantly dramatize the heartbreaking results of each year’s application lottery. It showcases how school choice can radically improve education for the poorest of students. “I’d been hearing that problems in public education where poverty based or culture based or because certain parents didn’t value education, and yet, what I saw was totally contradictory to that,” explains Sackler.


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