Putting the lie to malicious false claims

Kevin Jackson and I at the Tea Party Express Bus Stop in Waco last September (my husband snapped the picture while I was talking; sorry about that). Click the image to see that Texas Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams was another speaker that day as well. Another good reason to try to attend these great events!

At the Tax Day Tea Party event here in College Station last April 15, one of the first announcements made was:

“If you are a racist you are not welcome here!”

Anyone following the Tea Party movement at all, and certainly those of us who are part of it, know how true this is. So when, out of desperation, patently false statements are made to distract from our message, our first reaction may be to ignore them as prima facie absurd.

But when people not closely following our movement, or only getting their news from sources such as CNN, tend to give credit to misrepresentations about us, we should respectfully point them to the facts. From Texas Insider a few days ago: ‘Tea Party Effort is Racist’ Claim Rebutted by Black Conservatives.

Project 21, the National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives put the lie to this last week. Check out the great videos from their press conference, like this one:

The Texas Insider article also has a link to a Fox News story where Kevin Jackson (pictured above right), author of The Big Black Lie, puts some comments by an SEIU Executive VP into the perspective they deserve. Check it out!

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