Obama the Albatross to Texas Democrats

This news is from Empower Texans:

President Obama is clearly an albatross around the neck of the state’s top Democratic Party candidates. In fact, some — like liberal Carol Kent (the accidental state rep. in Dallas) — have gone so far as to try to tie Obama around their Republican challengers. Nice try, if typically wacky of someone outside their depth.      read more

Chet Edwards (D-TX17) endorsing Barack Obama, Feb. 18, 2008. Photo from the Barack Obama Flickr site.

Would Chet Edwards (D-TX17) be proud to have a photo opportunity with the leader of his party? Why are Texas Democrats fearful of being photographed with President Obama when they support everything their President is doing? Even Chet Edwards’ “No” vote on ObamaCare was calculated because Texans sitting in the House gallery saw him celebrating enthusiastically upon passage.

Texas Democrats, like Chet Edwards, proudly support the President’s agenda with their votes in Washington, D.C. but run like cockroaches when the bright light of a camera flash threatens to catch them standing next to their leader.

Texas Democrats afraid to be photographed with the President is evidence of elected officials being more concerned with style than with substance.

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