Texas Defending the American Dream Summit

I remind you once again of theĀ Americans For Prosperity – Texas: Defending The American Dream Summit that will happen in Austin July 2nd and 3rd.


If you have ever watched the videos of the big conferences like CPAC or Heritage Foundation and thought, I wish I could go to something like that, but were put off by the price or the travel expense, this is the event for you. Great names are on the roster as speakers and the break-out groups are incredible.

Here are some of the confirmed speakers:

  • Samuel Wurzelbacher, AKA “Joe the Plumber”
  • Governor Rick Perry
  • Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams
  • John Fund, Wall Street Journal
  • Stephen Moore, Wall Street Journal
  • Steven Crowder, Comedian & Fox News Commentator
  • Craig James, ESPN Commentator & Former NFL Player
  • The Honorable Ted Cruz, Former Texas Solicitor General
  • Herman Cain, Radio Host & Fox News Commentator

Also, since Mark and I will be attending the event and then I have the opportunity to “house-sit” so that I can work on my book project, I will be canceling our usual first Thursday of the month Pot Luck Meeting.

If you’re coming, or would like to, please let us know!

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