We must understand, and persuade

At Thursday’s Potluck dinner, we had a great opportunity to hear from former congressional candidate and homeland security expert Dave McIntyre. Dave gave a great talk, centered on understanding why our political opponents think the way they do.

Doing so is crucial, because:

If you’re going to explain your side and argue your side, if you want your concepts to triumph, then you gotta attract more votes than they do. And to do that, you can’t bully people, you can’t just say, “Well, that’s stupid.” You gotta be able to articulate and¬†explain why you believe what you believe, and how reality demonstrates it.¬†Audio here

Here is the audio of the main talk. It’s just over an hour long but well worth the listen.

We look forward to the next meeting, which we’ll post on the Upcoming Events page as soon as it’s scheduled. Thank you Dr. McIntyre and everyone who came!


  1. Dr. Nate Wirt says:

    Newt Gringrich’s book on “Real Change” is loaded with data, which shows how people vote on the various issues of our day. This is what will change America back to being traditional.

  2. Perhaps if you want to know why your political opponents think the way they do you should listen to your political opponents’ arguments and not listen to someone from your side articulate those arguments.

    • Teddy, the door is always open to you as is I’m sure yours.

      However, doesn’t the suggestion that only a progressive may present the progressive viewpoint, or a conservative the conservative viewpoint, rather quickly lead to the fallacy of thinking that only men may speak for men, or women for women, or race for race? This leads to the calumny that one man speaks for all men or one woman speaks for all women.

      One gauge of personal integrity is the ability to present ideas truthfully and without bias in order to then point out the error in that thought. Classical republican (little “r”) thought means that ideas are awarded merit according to their truthfulness, quality, viability, efficiency, and reason; and are then moved to the top of accepted ideas. This is the proven method of maintaining a dynamic intellectual community, rather than relying upon a controlled method of disseminating information disguised as democracy.

      • While the door may be open you should perhaps invite someone in. What it means is that the view points of progressives and liberals can easily be misrepresented by conservatives. In order to understand the political arguments of conservatives I read those arguments as articulated by conservatives. My statement also does not lead to the conclusion that you constructed from it, if only because those identities (men, women, black, white) do not carry with them specific ideas.

    • Teddy, could you suggest some authors/columnists to read? I read Camille Paglia’s column on Salon.com but she’s on hiatus now.

  3. Teddy,
    Was there a specific error in presenting the Progressive/Liberal position made by Dr. McIntyre? Please let me know and it will be corrected and clarified.


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