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Col. Allen West, congressional candidate in Florida District 22

In the May 3 issue of National Review (subscription required; worth it), an article titled “Colonel and Candidate” about Florida congressional candidate Col. Allen West may be very encouraging to you.

Some quotes from West and the article:

Col. Allen West (is) a true-blue Reaganite: a free marketeer, a hard-liner in foreign policy, an unapologetic social conservative. And he is not short on charisma. A video of one of his speeches “went viral”…

The young West liked to read history, study the Constitution, absorb the Federalist Papers — “I’m a bit of a geek.” He developed a special admiration for Lincoln and Churchill — and then for Ronald Reagan.

West quotes Plato: “One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”

“There are two things that could lose us our country if we’re not careful,” says West. One is the relinquishment of individual responsibility; the other is political correctness.

West believes that the (Obama) administration is making “more and more people dependent on government,” either as recipients of government checks or as government employees. And he is alarmed by what he sees as a refusal to face facts about the Islamist enemy: a refusal to speak of “Muslim extremism,” for example, or even of “terrorism.”

And what about this broad depiction of the tea-party movement as racist? West recalls Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals,” one of which is that you “pick a target, freeze it, personalize it,” etc. “The Left just wants to demonize the tea-party movement,” to rule it out of bounds. “They’re scared — the Left is scared.”

And the following may sound very familiar to those of us in TX-17:

West was the Republican nominee in 2008, with very little money and very little national support. A highly snarky article in The New Republic, “Recruiting Scandal,” presented him as a great embarrassment to the GOP. The embarrassment finished strongly: with 45 percent of the vote in a big Democratic, and terrible Republican, year. He thinks that, with some money and the support of the national party, he just might have won in ’08. (emphasis added)

Sounds like the Rob Curnock 2008 campaign. Little money, no support from a clueless, visionless national party but still nearly beat an entrenched spendthrift Democrat in an election characterized by a bizarre national hysteria.

Looking forward to a decisive victory in November for Col. West, and in TX-17, for Bill Flores!

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