Death AND Taxes

Came across this poster googling for something else. Yes, we know death and taxes are inevitable. Still, we’re hoping for repeal from choosing them earlier and higher, respectively.


  1. Dr. Nate Wirt says:

    Promoting this kind of thinking only gives up a bad name. Yes, we are headed for socialism and fascism, and may very well be headed for higher taxes and death, but these slogans will not help us, in my opinion.

  2. Dr. Wirt,

    Your opinion is duly noted. We must be reaching out and changing hearts and minds to revere personal liberty if we are to be effective in righting—pun intended—this ship of state. We have listed so far to the port side that, like Pirates of the Caribbean – Far Side of the World, we have rocked the ship upside down.

    If that is the case, we have a lot of educating to do for those not grounded in the ideal of individual freedom and the free will to chose a civil society, not a crushing government bureaucracy.

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