Today's The Day – Seize It!

This is the day which the LORD has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.  Psalm 118:24

We are sturdy stock, the sons and daughters of veterans, the children of immigrants who endured true hardship to get to American and freedom of opportunity. Will we we deterred  by rain in our quest for liberty and defense of our Constitution? Remember the state of our forefathers the night they crossed the Delaware River, and resolve in your heart to be at our rally this evening, regardless… Our resolve cannot be thwarted by rain or shine, because the future of our nation is the fire inside us.

To quote one of our organizers –

Folks, we have some folks HOPING that it will rain today so the TEA Party will be canceled.
We have other people PRAYING that it will not rain until we are finished.
But here is MY position on the weather question: if a little rain will stop us what business do we have in opposing a well oiled progressive liberal machine that is running Washington?  The Boy Scouts don’t stop camping when it rains!  Our military men and women stay on the line in all sorts of weather! I’ll let you answer what should we do as a TEA Party!  As for me – I am bring a rain suit and intend to be there!

There is a single catch and that is the Park’s people have an option that events can be canceled, delayed or moved to an alternate site IF they think the weather conditions become dangerous – that has to be their call not ours!!!! _______________________________________________________________________________________________

As for Mark and I, we will see you there!

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