Parking For April 15th Tea Party

Please remember that the Post Oak Mall parking lot is the agreed parking lot with the city of College Station for all events at Wolf Pen Creek Amphitheater Events. The parking area near the J.C. Penney’s store is the closest parking to our April 15th – Win in 2010 – Tax Day Tea Party event.

There is a short hike on Holleman Drive from the Post Oak Mall parking lot to the Holleman Drive side entrance to Wolf Pen Creek Park, so plan ahead how those traveling together might want to drop off family/friends along with chairs and whatever snacks you bring with you at the park entrance on Holleman before parking.

Googlemaps shows the entrance to Wolf Pen Creek to be on Colgate Drive, but that parking area for our event is restricted to handicapped and those bringing equipment for the event.

Do not park in the Sear’s Repair Warehouse (Holleman) parking lot because of risk of towing.

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