Celebrate Texas Freedom Today

Toss your hats in the air while whooping for freedom today as we pay homage to those brave men and women that took on one of the largest, well-trained, and well armed armies of the time and defeated them upon the swampy ground of San Jacinto. The establishment of second nation created in the name of liberty and freedom, not the power of an individual man, is a light to the world that republican government is the highest ideal of civil society.

For more about the history of the nation of Texas see The Jackalope’s Voice – The Other Declaration of Independence.

Stand tall, Texans because we regard freedom as our natural state. All those that would challenge that state, do so from a irrational argument.

Long live Liberty! Long live Freedom! Long live Texas!!!


  1. Texans know their history, an essential element to maintaining liberty. There are so many similarities in regards to the fight for Independence in Texas and the situation we find ourselves in on a national level today. These United States are fast becoming a federal oligarchy. We must learn our history so we are not doomed to repeat it.

  2. You are right about the quest to preserve Liberty. It is never ending. If we stop, tyranny will surely creep in because that is the nature of man.

    Oligarchy certainly looms on the horizon. Every time I hear a commercial from General Electric meant to assure me of their benign nature, I shudder. GE is not benign. GE, one of the richest corporations in the world, lobbies for government funding for their “green” turbines, that are then never put into action because “green” turbines aren’t producing energy. All while shaping our minds through their company owned news outlets at NBC. Meanwhile, the sweet commercials seek to make me believe GE is good…

    Reminds me of the certain company that owned the tea that was tossed into Boston Harbor and their collusion with a certain government to force the sale of old product at a premium price, plus a tax. The oligarchy of Parliament and The East India Company was just another straw in the back-breaking rebellion that created this nation.

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