The High Cost of False Benevolence

While we were at our Brazos Valley Win in 2010 April 15th Tea Party, Chet Edwards (D-TX17) was passing the kind of legislation that vexes our sensibilities – the bundling of unemployment benefits for federal employees (can there be an unemployed Federal worker in this age of government overreach?) with necessary pandering to garner votes.

On Thursday, the House passed this legislation that would extend for two months federal unemployment benefits, flood insurance programs, increased payment rates to Medicare providers and COBRA health care premium assistance. It was then sent to the President, who signed it into law later that night.

That these benefits are coming at the expense of children not yet born is obviously irrelevant to spendthrifts such as Mr. Edwards. With a debt nearing $14 trillion, Edwards bucked the trend of the majority of Representatives and  both Senators from the fiscally and economically sound state of Texas. His benevolence at our future children’ s expense knows no boundaries.

Nothing shows Chet’s magnanimity better than taxing future generations for a vote in Nov. 2012. It’s just like that great philosopher, Wimpy, taught: “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today!”

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