With representatives like this, who needs enemies?

Chet Edwards, our man in Washington.

Those of us with the fortitude to listen to Chet Edwards’ Wednesday morning interviews with Scott DeLucia on WTAW know that  Edwards is a consummate liar.

In his interview on Wednesday, March 17th, 2010, Edwards told the biggest whopper since opening the Health Care Town Hall.* He assured his constituents that he would do everything within his power to stop the move to abandon our Constitution by using the Slaughter Rule (WTAW audio here):

In Budget Committee on Monday, I actually tried to stop the reconciliation process…I was a no-vote in committee, I’ll be a no-vote on the floor on that, I’ll be a no-vote on the Senate Bill, and I’ll be a no-vote on any deeming rule that says the bill is passed without having a direct up or down vote on it.

This was an overreach, in a time of huge national deficits, I think this has a real potential of adding to those deficits…

But he lied.

The very next day Edwards voted Yea in the Democrat Party quest to abandon the rules of the Constitution in favor of the Slaughter Rule.

He got one thing right last Wednesday:

Americans will know which members of Congress voted Yes for…this particular Health Care Reform Bill, and which members voted No…there is no sleight of hand in the rules process that will be a fig leaf for anyone.

With representatives like this, who needs enemies?

*Last August, Edwards had the bald-faced gall to suggest that the Health Care Reform bill would actually contribute money to the budget. The audience laughed boldly in Edwards’ unfazed face as he continued telling absurd lies about the benefits of the plan. The Town Hall ended with Edwards issuing a vituperous lesson on the 9th Commandment on a citizen who dared to call Edwards a liar.


  1. Thanks for this great catch on this flip/flopper .

    Voters should remember this in November.

  2. TheAnswerto1984is1776 says:

    What else could possibly have happened? Edwards is a damn meat puppet. We have got to look beyond the facade of what we think is our government to truly ascertain who pulls their strings; & as I’ve said ad nauseam, I think we truly need to seriously examine the Federal Reserve System.

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