We Can Not Rest

As the saying goes, “The King is dead! Long live the King!” The election is over, but we must prepare for the next election.

My fervent prayer yesterday was that God’s purpose would prevail to nominate men that He knows will best serve Texas and America. I can gladly say that prayer was heard and I’m sure it was on the hearts of many yesterday. I am gratified to know that my personal opinion is nothing in the scope of God’s larger purpose.

Congratulations are in order for Senator Steve Ogden in his bid for re-election. His chairmanship of the Finance Committee is an integral component in this next session of the Texas Congress. Senator Ogden get fired up and passionate because this next session is going to be a time that truly tests the souls of men. May your passion be wholly devoted to the principles that made this nation and the State of Texas great – limited government, lower taxes, less interference in the private business of individuals. These are the principles that have established Texas as the number one destination for those looking for jobs and less government control. These also are the same principles that will help get our state finances in order. Radical ideas like pursuing a “Drill Here, Drill Now” reality in Texas, in spite of Federal limitations, could be just the thing to create jobs and cheap energy that in turn create a dynamic economy for Texas, while also leading the way for other states to follow.

It is difficult for Texas District 17 to now have a run off, but I am confident that the voice of the people will be the voice of God. Vox Populi Vox Dei. Only Rob Curnock is purely the people’s voice because without money, he still came in a victor. Congratulations Rob Curnock. Congratulations to the people on your team. We will join together and pray that the voice of the people will prevail.

It is difficult to consider Representative Fred Brown’s future run-off with Buddy Winn. The idea Winn put forward – gambling – as a possible revenue source for Texas is archaic. Industries that provide an actual real product are a far more healthy method of revenue. That, along with his statement that the Tea Parties are made up of angry people that are not helping the nation, reveals Winn to belong to a passing generation of political democrats. Whatever Winn may say about “listening to the people” is a complete lie, because his mind has already determined who should not be heard. In order to survive, a republic must appeal to the higher ideals of mankind – honor and liberty. God speed, Fred Brown!

The one true disappointment is the loss of Don McLeroy and the State Board of Education. This will have to be a tea party/grass roots effort to watch this issue closely and respond rapidly. This is not only for the children of Texas but for the soul of our nation. The Left understood this and responded in national attacks against Dr. McLeroy. We do not want the New York Times editorial board educating our children. I am sorely grieved over this loss.

The election is over! Long live the next election!


  1. Well said, Nancy! Our work is far from done. We must continue to educate ourselves and live the principles we ask our government representatives to live. This is a time when we can not falter, nor be distracted.

    Thank you Nancy, for taking on the responsibility of this web site and thank you for your service to the community. You are one person, doing what you can do, for the love of our country and our way of life. It’s not easy. It never is easy to fight the good fight. I thank you for your service to us all.

  2. I would caution you on your statements that would lead readers to believe that Curnock is a God-ordained canidate, as that caused quite a bit of trouble historically, and we can often look to the past to avoid future mistakes. I believe God has a hand in everything that happens, but I also believe in people’s ability to choose, be it for right or wrong. Obviously they chose the man that now sits in the white house, and I could never bring myself to call him ‘God-ordained’ or anything of the sort.

  3. Waxahachie Willie says:

    Good riddance to McLeroy! He was an embarrassment to Texas and the Republican party. Creationism is NOT conservative!

  4. TheAnswerto1984is1776 says:

    The only bad thing about voting is that all you’re doing is “deciding” where the gun of coercive force is going to point at.

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