Rob Curnock and Bill Flores debate Monday

The debate video posted by this group is a good preview for the Monday debate in College Station. Be there Monday!

A Hispanic Republican Movement group in Waco called put on a Curnock/Flores debate last week (video here). The candidates begin about 10 minutes into the video.

This video is an excellent preview for the WTAW-sponsored candidate forum with these two Monday night in College Station:

What:  Debate between Republican Candidates Rob Curnock and Bill Flores.

When:  Monday, March 29, 6pm-8pm

Where:  Courtyard by Marriott, College Station



  1. TheAnswerto1984is1776 says:

    Is Curnock insane???? He sounds just like Glenn “Benedict Arnold” Beck!

    On that video, I heard Curnock say he wants to cut taxes yet wants to replace it with a sales tax. Like Ron Paul, I’d reply, “How about no taxes?” Taxation is legalized theft; the notion that the government can seize portions of your property (or in the worst of cases, all of it) that it deems fit is not only dastardly, but also creates an incentive to expand these powers on taxing the citizenry’s wealth. At the point of the gun (either metaphorically as coercive force usually via imprisonment or even literally when they SWAT team your house in ski masks), demanding that you pay what is essentially protection money; an organized crime syndicate (such as the mob) has just as good a pretense.

    And what about the Federal Reserve? I know I harp on them in my numerous & sundry comments, but I also think the Fed cannot be emphasized enough. How in hell can conservatives, or any one for that matter, seriously debate on monetary policy without including the Fed, instead only leveling blame, at most, against “the federal government,” which, in all honesty, about as vague as it gets. Or even in a Ron Paul manner (loosely paraphrased), how can you debate monetary policy without mentioning foreign policy? You can’t do that because that’s where all the money is going. Well, Dr. Paul is on point; I would like to add there is also the many, many different types of both overt & covert taxes, the influence of inflation, and the Pentagon’s infamous black budget.

    Finally, there is the Left-Right Controlled Paradigm. Flores’ comments on replacing Speaker Pelosi with a “conservative, limited government Republican” is whole lot of hogwash, simply because if you look at campaign contributions for the vast majority of all members of Congress, you will ascertain they are beholden to corrupt mega-corporations, international banking syndicates, and think tanks who say things like, “Mao is great!” (Historical footnote: Mao Zedong was directly responsible for the deaths of approximately 70 million of his own countrymen, surpassing the bloodthirsty record settings of both Hitler & Stalin). The “debate” also seemed fairly contrived in that they purported to discuss matters of substance but instead ended up spewing tired rhetoric and just plain bad ideas, no matter how “new.”

    By the way, as a partial wake-up call to who ever is still reading, even Democrat Representative Dennis Kucinich, an avowed socialist, introduced articles on impeachment against Bush (for his long list of crimes), & then more recently, denounced the “socialist” health care legislation (now law) as not even being socialism, but if anything, reminiscient of fascism. What kind of country am I living in when a socialist and a libertarian (Dr. Paul) are in near complete agreement about the massive problems in foreign & monetary policy??? Am I the only one paying attention here????

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