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This in from Americans For Prosperity – Texas

Sen. Hinojosa proposes upending Texas Constitution, taking away voters’ power

AUSTIN – The Texas chapter of Americans for Prosperity denounces the promise of State Sen. Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa (D-Dist. 20) to abolish the elected Texas State Board of Education.

“State Board of Education members are elected, and last election, while Rep. Hinojosa received 124,456 votes, the average number of votes cast for a single SBOE member was more than twice that – 335,207,” said AFP Director Peggy Venable.

“To suggest eliminating an elected body because you don’t agree with their decisions is un-democratic,” said Venable.

“Americans for Prosperity’s members are pleased with the SBOE’s decisions regarding the social studies curriculum standards. We are disappointed that Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Bill White and others on the left have grossly misrepresented the board’s actions,” said Venable. “Sen. Hinojosa apparently thinks that if the voter-elected Board makes rulings that don’t fit his liberal agenda, then the Board should be eliminated.”

“Sen. Hinojosa is attempting the typical left-wing maneuver of stripping the power out of the hands of the people and putting it into the hands of an unelected, appointed board,” Venable said. “With so much at stake in our children’s education, it only makes sense that voters have the right to determine who will represent them on these key issues. Thankfully, our state constitution protects that right.”

Hinojosa’s plan would undermine the provisions set out the Texas Constitution. According to Article 7, Section 8, the Constitution clearly sets out the mandate for an elected State Board of Education. It reads: “The Legislature shall provide by law for a State Board of Education, whose members shall be appointed or elected in such manner and by such authority and shall serve for such terms as the Legislature shall prescribe not to exceed six years. The said board shall perform such duties as may be prescribed by law.”

“Sen. Hinojosa is attempting to defy our state constitution and deny voters their right to have an elected body represent their interests regarding the public education of our children,” Venable said.

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