Health Care Tele-Town Hall Meeting with Rep. Mike Pence

Tonight, Wednesday, at 8 p.m. ET Americans For Prosperity will be holding a national tele-town hall meeting with the 3rd ranking Republican in the House and a leading free-market champion – Congressman Mike Pence. I hope you’ll join us. Call (888) 356-3090 Ext.14326#.

We’ll brief you on key undecided House members, detail the likely timeline to be used by Speaker Pelosi, and Congressman Pence will walk through conservative alternatives along with his exchanges in recent weeks with President Obama.


  1. TheAnswerto1984is1776 says:

    I sincerely hope you Tea Partiers stop the proto-nationalization of our medical industries in its tracks. I remember reading the list of penalties in one version of the bill, whereby refusal to comply (re: submit to a thug in a suit) will result in 5 & 6 figure level fines PER DAY. Only a completely despotic criminal government could even dream this kind of crap up, & what’s worse, this isn’t even close to the worst of it, cumulatively. Seriously, all of us need to stop being compartamentalized into fighting with each other, & instead unite against the international bankers who have stolen trillions of dollars (by the way, the health care insurance companies wrote the legislation in order to increase profits utilizing the coercive force of government).

    Why did this have to happen? Dear God, help us.

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