Chet's True View of Obama Care

The word from Tea Party members from Texas that were present in the House Gallery during the Health Care Vote is that Chet Edwards cheered wildly upon passage of the bill.

True colors, indeed….


  1. TheAnswerto1984is1776 says:

    Is anyone really surprised?

    I tried to get at look at the draconian health care law, Public Law 111-148, but GPO (Government Printing Office) only published 111-145, so we may need to wait awhile before we can get our own copies. Here’s the URL:

    If you only care to read it, & not necessarily get your own copy, has a readable version of the legislative form (which they claim is the same as the public law); here’s the URL:

    Click on the top right hand side where it says “Official Bill Text” & then let it load.

    Because of the support & oppose bills buttons, I found it humourous that “26% of users support the bill/ 665 in favor with 1899 opposed.” Well, so much for the primacy of “majority will.”

  2. I watched the entire C-Span coverage of the Rules Committee work on the Reconcillation Bill on Healthcare. Edwards voted with the majority EVERY SINGLE TIME. No one s/b fooled by his “no” vote on H/C. He votes with Pelosi 96% of the time….

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