Pot Luck Dinner – Feb. 17

Pot Luck Dinner

Wednesday Feb. 17, 2010

6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


George Scaggs – Nullification and 10th Amendment Issue

Heather Liggett – The State Board  of Education vs. American Exceptionalism

See New Revolution Now for more information on these topics and speakers

Location: 304 Mobile, Bryan, Texas

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  1. David Bolton says:

    I hope there will be some discussion of Debra Medina’s campaign.

    • Please come and participate in the question and answer portion of the meeting. The Bryan College Station Tea Party does not promote candidates before the primary, rather we bring in speakers to educate us so that we are more informed voters. Both Rick Perry and Debra Medina support the use of nullification to protect Texas from unfunded mandates forced by the Federal Gov’t. Nullification is just one of the important issues to consider in this upcoming election. We must have as much information as possible about this important constitutional effort.

      The Pot Luck Dinner aspect of our meetings is to foster talk and a sense of community. Please come and discuss your reasons for supporting your candidate with others as we enjoy our surprise meal.

  2. Actually, Perry does not support nullification

    • Nullification, the application of the 10th Amendment to our Constitution, is garnering support from Governors across the nation. Please read the American Thinker article referenced in the post More About Nullification.

      This Monday, I will be attending a 10th Amendment Town Hall – “Exploring Solutions to Restoring Texas’ Constitutional Rights.” Fox News’ Andrew Napolitano, whose video series on the Constitution is referenced in the American Thinker article, will be the keynote speaker. Governor Rick Perry and Attorney General Greg Abbott will also participate in this event.

      Texas is on the forefront of the issue of using the power of our 10th Amendment rights to halt Federal over-reach. Currently Texas is the economic leader in the nation, even with our problems.

      I will report what I find at this conference. Hope to see you at the Potluck! Our speaker, George Scaggs, is working closely with Greg Abbott on this topic.

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