Grimes and Madison County Tea Party

Grimes-Madison County Tea Party

Tea Party Saturday in Anderson

The “We the People” Grimes and Madison County Tea Party

Saturday, November 14
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Knights of Columbus Hall
Hwy. 90, Anderson, TX


  • Toby Walker—Tea Party Movement and its Effects on Citizens
  • Don McLeroy—Education
  • Dee McCown—Border Control
  • Darrell Cassel—Freedom
  • Larry LeBlanc—Gun Control

Download the flyer.


  1. Buses are going from Houston and Dallas for a rally on South Side Capitol Building in Austin on Sat Jan 16 2-4pm concerning nulification of federal laws unless Texas approves. See

  2. I fear for my grandkids future. What is our country going to be like in 20 years ? You can’t watch the news to see what’s going on. You can’t trust the people we send to Washington to actually represent us. Our country is turning into a bad reality TV show and I’m very concerned about our country. I would like some information about meetings, where and when. I need to get involved. Thanks.

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