How to keep this going


What would John Wayne do? This picture taken at the Bryan/College Station Tea Party in April. (Thank you, Dr. Gene Howard!)

Please check out my new American Thinker article, Talking politics with strangers, and the comments posted (and please, if you like, post your own!).

Many of us have been feeling like circumstances around us are out of our control, and that our futures are being taken from us. As U.S. citizens, we have the ability to do this, but making it actually happen is both easy to explain and difficult to do.

So this article is just another way of looking at what each of us must do, with a few examples. It is stating what we’ve been saying all along—the key to restoring proper representation in our government is organized groups of conservative voters, in every district, choosing conservative candidates and holding them accountable at every turn.

We’ve started strong. Let’s keep it up!

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