Chet Edwards Gets An “A” …from Progressives

Chet Edwards tells the members of District 17 “he is one of us” and that he “votes our values.” Well, we know different. If Chet voted our values, he would be pushing for other states to pass tort reform in order to drive down health care costs and to make their states business friendly. That’s what Texas did in Gov. Perry’s first year in office and Texas has experienced billion dollar surpluses over the years.

Of course the Federal Government has punished Texas for their productive actions by not sending us Federal dollars to cover the Federal Mandates forced upon us. The Feds say, “Since Texas is so financially prosperous, we are going to make you pay these Federal Mandates yourself and we are going to send your Fed money to some other state that is ‘suffering’ more.”

So, we know Chet is not representing our values in Washington, D.C. and he surely is not “one of us.” But the real proof in the pudding is when Chet receives a grade A rating from The Drum Major Institute of Public Policy.

The Drum Major Institute for Public Policy is a non-partisan, non-profit think tank generating the ideas that fuel the progressive movement. From releasing nationally recognized studies of our increasingly fragile middle class to showcasing progressive policies that have worked to advance social and economic justice, DMI has been on the leading edge of the public policy debate.

Drum Major Institute values are not Texas values of hard work, individual responsibility, and charity for those in need. We need a Representative to represent our values. The rest of the United States needs our Texas values. Therefore, it will be better for every American to send a real representative of District 17 values to Washington, D.C. in 2010.


  1. Paul Rieger says:


    Another well done article about the chameleon named Chet Edwards. I hope more people are able to check out your blog. We are working hard in CD-17 to send a real, bonafide CONSERVATIVE to represent our values. Thank you for all you and your group are doing!!

    • Thanks Paul,

      You are so right about the men we have running for Representative for Texas District 17. They are conservative Republicans and any one of these men would be an asset to District 17 and the nation. America cannot continue down this path of rewarding incompetence. Freedom requires self-motivation.

  2. Rick Starnes says:

    Thanks Nance for helping to be a Paul Revere.

    We need Conservatives representing us in D.C.

    Not Chet Edwards.

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