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It is important to teach our children reality in all courses. Therefore, we must challenge the proposal to replace mentioning Christmas and references to Christianity and Judaism with a Hindu religious festival. Erasing knowledge of our own religious/cultural heritage is not in the best interest of educating our children in the study of the world and their place in it. Learning about other nations and cultures should not come at the expense of learning who America is and what she believes.

Such curriculum is not concerned with the regard citizens have for this nation, nor with instructing our children upon graduation how to interact with other nations through business partnerships or recreational visits. Such curriculum seeks to create graduates of American schools that are subservient, not equal, to any foreign culture.

After reading the article below, if you feel compelled to make your voice heard on this issue here are the numbers you can use.

Please call the State Board, local school boards, and governor’s office.
Governor’s Opinion Line: 800-843-5789; 800-252-9600
Texas Education Agency 512-463-9734
CISD:  764-5400
Bryan:  209-1175

Curriculum plan would remove mention

of Christmas

Conservatives decry proposal for 6th-grade lesson

Sept. 11, 2009, 4:38PM

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AUSTIN — A proposal for new social studies curriculum in Texas public schools removes a mention of Christmas in a sixth-grade lesson, replacing it with a Hindu religious festival, a change that’s riled conservatives who say it’s another battle in the “war” against the Christian holiday. “It’s outrageous that the war on Christmas continues in our state and in our nation,” said Jonathan Saenz, a lobbyist for the conservative Free Market Foundation. “This effort to mislead students about current society is shameful and must be stopped.” The draft proposal being considered by the State Board of Education won’t be formally adopted until next May for the 2011-2012 school year. The standards will remain in place for the next decade, dictating what is taught in government, history and other social studies classes in elementary and secondary schools. The standards also will be used to develop state tests and by textbook publishers who develop material for the nation based on their largest market, Texas. The standards currently instruct sixth-grade students to be able to explain the significance of religious holidays such as the Christian holidays of Christmas and Easter, the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, and the Jewish holidays of Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah. The proposal, which is set to be debated during a hearing next week, removes the words Christmas and Rosh Hashanah. Diwali, a Hindu festival, is added. In a note explaining the change, members of a review committee wrote “the examples include the key holiday from each of the five major religions.” David Barton, a Republican activist serving on a team of experts appointed to advise the board, argued in his recommendations that Christmas and Rosh Hashanah should remain in the standards. “America is not equally divided among these five religions,” Barton wrote. Mentioning Christmas and Rosh Hashanah “does not promote either Christianity or Judaism; rather, it simply acknowledges with accuracy the religious culture of America as it actually exists that these holidays have been awarded their place in the culture by the people themselves.” The curriculum does not prohibit teachers from mentioning other cultural or religious holidays in their classrooms. The sixth-grade course is focused on world geography and cultures. “This is just a cynical attempt to use religion as a weapon to mislead the public and divide Texans over something as important as our children’s education,” said Kathy Miller, president of the watchdog group Texas Freedom Network, which opposes initiatives pushed by Christian conservatives. “If I were their teacher I would send the Free Market Foundation to detention.”


  1. Why are we wasting time teaching 6th graders about Christmas? What 6th grader in Texas doesn’t know about Christmas? (By the way, 6th grade social studies focuses on WORLD history and geography.)

    • Josh,

      Are you sure we are teaching Christmas or are we really teaching Santa Claus? Understanding the Creator that bestowed upon each of us inalienable rights is requisite to understanding what our nation is all about. Last I heard, teaching that reality is vehemently opposed. Teaching that reality is not a a violation of church and state. However, requiring voluntary service for the state is a violation of the church and state separation.

      If we were teaching correctly, state overreach would be impossible. Therefore, it appears that those that screech about separation of church and state are either useful idiots or are out to subvert the ideology that makes the United States of America a unique nation in the world.

      I realize you did not mention any of this in your comment, but I have taken this opportunity to express more fully my support for teaching the unique American culture in our schools along with learning about other cultures in the world. America can only exist as long as her citizens fully appreciate her heritage and ideology.

  2. christmas is christ and that is why they want to stop teaching christmas

  3. Patricia Roberts says:

    What is the matter with our president. He was put in office to handle matters for the USA as for as economic, wars, and such. Leave our customs such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and every other Holiday we have held dear alone!!! This has nothing to do with running America by trying to change everything as if we were not happy with it. Do Not Touch Christmas or any other of our holidays!!!!!!!
    Pat Roberts

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