Congress At Work – 9-22-09

Congress has been busy spending money and encroaching on our freedoms.

Chet Edwards (D-TX17) voted YES to admonish Joe Wilson (R-SC). Joe Wilson’s fundraising has grown exponentially since his emotional outburst of truthfulness.

Chet Edwards (D-TX17) voted YES to put the Dept. of Energy in charge of developing new cars. “The House passed this bill that would permit the Energy Department to spend $200 million per year more than it currently spends on programs for the research, development, demonstration and commercial application of new vehicle technologies.” The Advanced Technologies for Vehicles Act

Chet Edwards (D-TX) voted YES to make the Federal Gov’t the only source for Student Loans. Can we believe any bill that has the word “responsibility” in the title? “This House bill would terminate the Federal Family Education Loan Program and replace it with the Education Department’s Direct Lending program, as well as increase funding of Pell Grants and increase the annual grant maximum to $5500 in 2010.” Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009

The House is set to vote on extending unemployment benefits for states with 8.5% unemployment and a continuing resolution to fund government operations after the current fiscal year ends on September 30. None of the 12 annual appropriations bills have been completed.

The Senate approved a $122 billion bill funding transportation and housing programs for the next fiscal year.

Kay Bailey Hutchison voted YES

John Cornyn voted NO


  1. Claus D. Wagner says:

    The spending in Washington is completely out of hand – VOTE ALL THE BUMS OUT

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