A great potluck dinner

potluck01Our potluck dinner tonight was wonderful! Though Arlene Wohlgemuth of the Texas Public Policy Foundation was not able to be our speaker, Cindy Mallete, Grassroots & Communications Director of Americans for Prosperity—Texas volunteered to step in and take her place. Thank you, Cindy!!


Cindy Mallette of Americans for Prosperity—Texas chapter. Thank you Cindy, for stepping in at the last moment and speaking for us!!

Cindy spoke on the Healthcare bill being discussed in Congress, its potential economic impacts, and free market alternatives to it. Her talk generated some great questions and discussion! This is what a meeting of a grassroots organization is about—sharing our ideas, learning from one another, meeting new people and walking out energized and ready to continue the fight.

We heard from several people who attended the huge 912 Tea Party in Washington D.C. What excitement they expressed! What I remember most was how they each were so impressed by all the people they met there, from all over the country, not working for any organization, just standing up for what is right. Thank each of you for going, and for sharing!

Enjoying the meal at the potluck dinner!

Enjoying the meal at the potluck dinner!

We heard a fabulous poem (yes, you read that correctly!) read by Cathy McIntyre. My husband tried to record this poem with his little video camera, so we will try to get that posted here if we can. You will love it!!

Thank you all so much for coming. Thank you to everyone who brought food. Thank you to everyone who ate some food! And for those who couldn’t make it, there will be more!


  1. SHIRLEY DANE says:

    Enjoyed the meeting last night and look forward to the 28th. A lot of good comments. I am becoming more encouraged that this can turn around.

  2. Great meeting last night. I’m glad we could help you get things going again. Burleson County Tea Party meets again on October 13th. Hope some of your group can make it.

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