We Rumbled

Despite getting the date wrong, there were about 30 people at the Brazos Center yesterday to meet Chet Edwards. Our Representative was NOT happy to see his constituents desiring to talk to him, in fact he and his aide were practically speed walking to the door. I started the cry, “We want to talk to you” as we raced to meet him before he entered the building.

Rick Starnes was able to get a one on one interview with Mr. Edwards. Edwards was hesitant to commit to a in-person town hall meeting because of disruptions by the Tea Party People. Afterward, I talked with Rick about allowing Edwards’ attempt to divide those not happy with the direction the nation is taking. The Left is seeking to divide their critics by characterizing Tea Party members as a faction, an unruly mob, when in fact we are simply citizens united by principles first, rather than a political party.

We must impress upon the local Republican Party their need to embrace the Bryan/College Station Tea Party and all the other District 17 Tea Parties, while allowing us to remain a separate entity. The Bryan/College Station Tea Party reaches a different group than the Republican Party. By embracing the Tea Party Movement, the Republican Party can only benefit by enlarging their tent. If we are shunned, as we were yesterday by the local GOP leadership, members of the Tea Party Movement will be forced into a 3rd Party.

It is my belief, and I have written of this extensively, the Democrat Party is going the way of the Federalist Party of the 1790’s. However, our two-party system will remain intact as the Republican Party will eventually split into Republicans and Libertarians. That said, now is NOT the time to divide. Now is the time to Join or Die, Again.

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  1. My disappointment is only growing with the way you keep aligning our movement with the republican party. Let’s not forget, they did an incredible amount of damage themselves. The only reason they give us any attention whatsoever is the possibility we may help them come next election. Stop being a kool-aid drinker, and wake up. The republicans are the very same big spending, constitution stomping hate mongerers as the democrats, just a different mascot. The two party system that our country uses, has destroyed personal liberty, and our economy. I seen gov Perry (governor “hair spray”) in an interview bragging about our surplus in Texas, claiming no taxes have been raised to achieve this feat. Two years ago, the state of Texas raised tobacco taxes by a dollar a pack if I’m not mistaken. Now this may not affect but a small portion of Texans, but it is still a tax increase nonetheless. Both parties are guilty of taxing us to death. Time to give them the boot.

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