Did You Get Your Call?

Earlier this week I received a call from Chet Edwards informing me that I would receive a call Thursday night to participate in his telephone town hall. Well, my ‘date’ with Chet was a big NO SHOW!

How many of you received a call earlier in the week, but didn’t get a call to participate in the Town Hall?


  1. Frieda Isbell says:

    I received my call. It sounded like a recorded conversation. Supposedly he took fifteen questions from callers…..but HE chose the questions and had time to prepare the answers. I just don’t believe it was LIVE. I hung up and e-mailed him. My suggestion…a simple bill with two main provisions #1 Limiting outrageous malpractice law suits, #2 Put restrictions on insurance companies for previous conditions.
    Those two things would FIX the problem and bring down the costs.

  2. I received the same response from “the coward” that you did. I started calling his office in Bryan last week about the telephone town hall but was told that they did not have any information as yet. I left my name and number but did not receive a call back. The coward’s website finally came out with instructions that said participants would receive a call on Wednesday. When I didn’t receive a call on Wednesday (I didn’t really expect one), I called again on Thursday asking why I had not been contacted. My name and number was again taken and I was assured that I would be called. I was, the same as you. I got a recorded message at 6:45 from the coward saying he was sorry he had missed my call but “I could leave him an e-mail”. The coward has 19 meetings in the district this week yet no one knows where or when. Somehow, I WILL find out where the coward will be before he goes back to la-la land in September. I will get there early, stay until the bitter end, and make sure the coward hears “BULLSHIT” every time he tries to twist the real interpretation of HR 3200. He will know that I am pi$$ed that he shows no respect for the constitutents of district 17 and that the coward will get none.

    Bruce Fuller
    Calvert, Texas

  3. Lorrie Breed says:

    We did recieve the invitation call…..but Chet was a “no show” when it came time for the event on Thursday evening.
    Yes, I have emailed his office.

  4. Mary Sue Ribardo says:

    I received his call at 7:10 Thursday night and agree that questions were screened and asked by supporters. I also hung up because I couldn’t listen to his selling the bill. I want him to listen to us. I plan to be at the Brazos Center at 5:00 Wednesday and hope our points will be heard!

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