Chet and Non Sequiturs

As we prepare questions for tonight’s Town Hall with Chet Edwards, we must review statements from Edwards’ Saturday interview on WTAW. Last Saturday’s interview was chocked full of non sequiturs. According to wikipedia, a non sequitur “is a conversational and literary device, often used for comical purposes”. However, the future of our individual liberty and health care is NOT a humorous endeavor.

The first non sequitur in the Saturday interview was when Chet admitted insurance rates were high because of Anti-Trust Laws. However, Edwards’ solution is not deregulation of Anti-Trust Laws, but rather more government involvement. Chet repeated the admission of Anti-Trust Laws being a problem several times, although his solution of more government “fairness” is deserving of a sit-com laugh track.

Anti-Trust Laws are the reason some insurance companies can’t operate in other states and also our inablity to select insurance coverage a la cart rather than have all insurance coverage mandated by government. This is why those of us beyond child-bearing are still required to carry maternity insurance. Government mandates require that our policies include things we as individuals would never need. Paying for things you don’t need is a waste of money for the individual. De-regulating Anti-Trust laws is the logical solution to this high cost problem, but our comedic Congressman believes more government intrusion into our private affairs is the non sequitur solution to the high cost of insurance.

Chet admitted that “competition in the private market drives down prices” but in humorous non sequitur fashion, his solution to high prices is a public/private co-op. How’s that Amtrack thingy working?

Chet believes that Health Care is probably a 10th Amendment issue. However, because we already have the 10th Amendment busting Medicare and Medicaide programs, the solution is more 10th Amendment busting legislation. [Sitcom laugh track]

When asked about Congressman Waxman’s, chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, letter to insurance companies demanding information concerning their employees’ insurance and compensation plans including perks and bonuses, Edwards said he didn’t know anything about that. However, later on in the interview Edwards said his source information for Statistical Analysis came from the House Energy and Commerce Committee – Waxman’s own committee and fiefdom.

Another source of Statistical Analysis used by Edwards to support the “fact” that the average Texas family would be paying $24K a year for health care by the year 2015 is the “non-partisan” New America Foundation. This statement: “New America is headquartered in Washington D.C. and also has a significant presence in California, the nation’s largest laboratory of democracy” along with founder Ted Halstead’s book The Radical Center should tell us all we need to know about the Left Wing…errrr I mean “non partisan” nature of this group. [hahahhhaha!]

Edwards said he would not support any legislation “heavily subsidized by the taxpayers.” However, he did vote for the Recovery Act (Bailout) funded with 3 trillion dollars of borrowed money which has ballooned to a 9 trillion dollar debt. Edwards now supports the “Pay As You Go” method of funding legislation. [insert sit-com laugh track] Those silly non sequiturs just keep us rolling on the floor laughing!!

Edwards chastised Nancy Pelosi for calling insurance companies “evil” and then goes on to describe the evil practices of insurance companies who through Anti-Trust Laws amassed huge (immoral) profits while (diabolically) denying coverage to small businesses because of someone’s pre-existing condition in an anecdotal story. A local insurance man called in saying that he could offer an affordable policy to that small business which totally debunked Edwards’ anecdotal story. Edwards was “shocked!”


The insurance man was invited to Edwards’ Bryan/College Station office to explain how such a thing could be possible in this grossly unfair nation! [Note: we would like to know how that meeting went.]

The final funny in all this is Edwards’ declaration that he has not decided how he will vote on the Health Care Legislation coming out of the House, while declaring with equal ferocity “Doing nothing is not an option!”

So, get your questions together for tonight’s Town Hall and be prepared for a really hilarious show!


  1. Jan Madeley says:

    An additional non-sequitur occurred when he said that something has to be done because Medicare and Medicaid are bankrupt, then followed with saying that the government must step in to save the day. And don’t forget the biggest non-sequitur…”I will not vote for a single payor system.”…and yet “I have not decided how I will vote on the House Bill.”???

  2. Josh Wilkinson says:

    Are you kidding me? I just listened to the podcast of the interview, and Edwards clearly said it’s insurance companies’ exemptions from the Anti-Trust laws that are the problem, not the Anti-Trust laws themselves. Stop lying.

  3. Who writes the Anti-Trust Laws? Who writes the exemptions? The problem is the government. The more government interferes, the higher the cost to the consumer and the tax payer. That’s a double whammy in my book.

  4. Jan Madeley says:

    Does anyone see a pattern here? The government makes banks loan money for subprime mortgages, the program screws up the market and leaves banks floundering, the government steps in as the only solution to fix the mess that it made. Now we have a heavily regulated insurance industry with desparingly different tax laws for employer provided health insurance vs. individual health insurance and mandated coverage for things people don’t necessarily need. The government declares it a “crisis” and says the only solution is for the government to take over health care. Now they are wondering how come everyone is figuring out that perhaps a market-based insurance solution would be the best thing to fix our insurance problem. This is not a health CARE problem…it is a regulation problem which has distorted the market, much like the mortgage regulations distorted banking.

    • Claus D. Wagner says:

      Do not forget that it was the Clinton administration by executive order that told Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to loosen their guidance on mortgages and allow otherwise non-qualifying persons to obtain mortgages in order that the “unfortunate” (if there is such a thing) could also “own” houses. And now they blame the banks….
      D… Dems

  5. Claus D. Wagner says:

    Sorry I cannot attend the meeting. However, I suggest the following:
    Ask the audience to stay really QUIET until after the Congressman has answered THIS QUESTION (please no applause – complete silense!!!):
    “Sir can you guarantee that you and your colleagues are going to forfeit YOUR insurance plan which is already being paid for by the taxpayers in favor of the one you try to impose on the citizens of this country?”
    SILENCE PLEASE and let Chet Edwards answer.
    I love to see him wiggle.
    Claus D. Wagner

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