Call To Action

Health Care Freedom Demonstration

Where: Chet Edwards’ Office

111 University Drive, East, Suite 216

College Station, Texas  77840

When: Friday July 17, 2009 11:00 AM – 12:00 Noon

On July 17, the Bryan/College Station Tea Party plans to join tea parties from coast to coast in a nationwide demonstration of solid support against a government intervention into our health care.

Americans are facing an unprecedented event in our history. Never before has the private industry that has made America so great been so threatened by a growing government. No where has a government take-over of a private industry worked out well for the private sector. No where has it been successful.

The growing mass of government in Washington is on the war-path once again. This time, over health care. There is no doubt that growing health care costs have been pushing it away from more and more hard working American families. But is the solution in the hands of a government, or is the solution in the hands of the creative and innovative minds of the American people?

For more information and resources for this Nationwide Tea Party Click Here to visit Sign the petition, read the health care talking points, and quiz your congressman over health care!

Flood Chet’s office with a visit to voice your concerns.

Keep coming back to Bryan/College Station for more information and updates.


  1. Now that the first tea party has come and gone, it’s time to get ready for a larger event on Sept 9th in DC with some very clear thoughts in mind. Read this article and pass it on.


  2. Charles Akins says:

    I went and no one showed up!

    BTW the address is wrong. The 17 Congressional District Office has moved to the old Winn Dixie center on 29th.

    We need to get our act together. When and where will we be planning for the Sept. 3 protest. We need to start soon.


  3. Mary Sue Ribardo says:

    I went to Chet Edwards’ office on July 17 at 11:15 and talked to his assistant about my concerns. There was one gentleman ahead of me, who expressed his concerns, and a man came into the office as I was leaving, who asked about Edwards’ beliefs. There was no “group” as I had hoped to be in attendance. I will not be able to attend the rally in Waco on September 3, but would li8ke to meet with others in Bryan/College Station who are opposed to what’s going on.

  4. Folks: I suggest that a concerted effort be made to rally simultaneously at all 3 of Chet’s offices during the August recess. If done right, he literally might end up voting against the Healthcare package to try to save his political hide (it shouldn’t). But this needs coordination!

    Many of us outside the district have come to the conclusion the one congressional seat that can be ‘turned’ in Texas is the 17th and many of us would like to help. My site is; contact me if you want me to put you in touch with some of that help.

  5. Johnnie Griffin says:

    Put me on your list, please. I appreciate being able to get information from a main sight. See you Monday, Aug. 24!!!

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