Chet Edwards on Bi-partisanship

This says it all. Let's change our representative next time around.

This says it all. Let's change our representative next time around.

Those of us who listen regularly to the Infomaniacs of WTAW are aware that Chet Edwards (D-TX17) calls in on Wednesdays to spread disinformation…..errr I mean, to be interviewed by Scott DeLucia. One of the focus group buzz words Mr. Edwards uses constantly is bi-partisanship. “The people want us to work/come together in a bi-partisan way...”

We could make it a Wednesday Morning Bi-Partisan Drinking Game where every time we hear the word bi-partisan we dribble our caffeine beverage down our chin and onto our shirts prompting either a complete ensemble change or at the least rapid use of Shout wipes or a Tide To Go Pen to salvage our shirts. In fact, according to a great economic fallacy – this game might even spur on our nose-diving economy by increasing visits to the cleaners and purchase of Shout Wipes and Tide-To-Go pens, not to mention all the pre-stain treatments for home laundry care. As our President and Vice-President taught us – spending money at a burger joint out of their own pockets when the U.S. taxpayers already purchased them a chef-prepared meal at the White House is good for the economy. Paying for the same meal multiple times is the same as going through a week’s worth of dry-cleaned shirts in one day – which is great for your wallet and therefore great for fixing the American economy….eerrrrr well, the press seems to think so…so it must be true.

Sorry, I digressed from my topic of Chet Edwards (D-TX17) and bi-partisanship.

How does Chet score on party line voting? According to the Washington Post, Chet Edwards has voted with a majority of his Democratic colleagues 98.7% of the time during the current (111th) Congress. Check out Chet’s compadres in Democrat Party Bi-Partisanship here. Not only is Chet Edwards (D-TX17) not bi-partisan, he’s a hard-core leftist, not the middle-of-the-road sort of moderate Democrat he projects cheerfully on the radio.

In short, he’s just a political huckster used car salesman giving us the “only driven by a widow woman to the beauty parlor and grocery store on Thursdays and to church on Sundays” jive about bi-partisanship every Wednesday morning. The guy’s got to go next election.


  1. B Fuller says:

    I brought this same information to the Tea-Party as personal research. I researched the previous period back to 2006 and found the same pattern. Since the democrat elections in 2006, he has voted with Pelosi an astounding 99+% of the time. This is not the voting record of someone who has the best for his Brazos Valley constituency at heart. If you listen to CE on a consistent basis as I have, you will see quickly that he says one thing when he is in Washington talking to his fellow politicians and something entirely different when he is here talking to the local folks. He is a consummate politician looking out only for himself. He needs to go as early as yesterday. Vote for anyone but CE in the next election. I hope to get 5 minutes to speak at our next gathering on this and other issues that are of significant importance to our way of life.

    Bruce Fuller

  2. Bruce,

    Sounds like you have become fluent in Chet-speak. To understand Chet is a mind-altering experience in the the darkness of human nature where everything is weighed by the darkness of the human heart and “what’s in it for me?”. Normal people don’t think like this. We like to think people are being honest as we are being honest.

    But, in the dark world of Chet-speak your freedom is bestowed on you by Chet (D-TX 17). Recipients of federal funds must genuflect to Chet as if the dollars came right out of his wallet.

    Regular citizens abhor that behavior in people that actually earned the money they now sit upon while reveling in rendering abuse or enjoying the groveling lesser family members or business borrowers needing a loan must endure.

    But that behavior from a man who didn’t earn a dime of the money he so munificently bestows upon lesser citizens deserves scorn and derision.

    It’s definitely time for a change in Tx 17.

    Please contact me for information about our next event.

  3. B Fuller says:

    I check the site daily for additional information. If you schedule an event or need help scheduling an event, please leave a message and I will meet your requests.

    Bruce Fuller

  4. Jep Tatum says:

    Greetings Patriots!

    Where can I get bumper stickers that say “A vote for Chet is a vote for Pelosi”?


    Jep Tatum
    Granbury, Texas
    An Aggie Dad

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