What About A Morning Cuppa??

NOTE: I AM SO SORRY BUT I THINK WE MUST CANCEL THIS MORNING MEETING! I didn’t realize his office had moved to a bank building, and I definitely do not want to disrupt other people while protesting him. I am so sorry!

But please, do come to the evening rally!

Last night, a comment from Lisa has set my mind in action.

Lisa wants to know about a morning event because she has to work in the evening April 15th.

Here’s a thought: What if a group met in the parking lot of Chet Edward’s (D-TX17) office with their signs and t-shirts and staged a little mini-rally in the morning to start the day off right?

I would be there for sure!

What do you think?

Anyone got their game on for a little morning cuppa tea? What time?


  1. Louis Mabry says:

    I think a meeting at Edwards office is a good idea.


    • ncoppock says:

      Okay, Louis,

      We now have 3 people ready to rally at Edward’s office. Tell your friends and let’s get this planned. What time?

      Lisa, what time works for you? We want to accommodate your work schedule.
      Nancy Coppock

  2. Charles Akins says:

    Add 1 maybe 2 to the list.

  3. Louis and Charles, I am so sorry but I think we should cancel the morning meeting. Please see the article for details… :(

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