We Want To Know What You Think…But We're Not From The Gov't

Make a sign for the B/CS Tea Party and let us know what you think!

You have all seen the professional 60’s activists with their signs and maybe you thought to yourself, “One day, I’m going to be the one with the sign telling Congress and the President WHAT I REALLY THINK!”

Well, the B/CS Tea Party is your time and place for just that attitude!

Let’s start listing some ideas for signs right here. Then support the economy by buying pens and poster boards to let your voice speak as clear as the Liberty Bell!

Of course I love our “Join, or Die. Again.”, with the 13-sectioned snake.

But I also am pleased with another gem I thought up – “Stop Taxation Without Representation – My Grandkids Aren’t Born Yet!”

Join in with other ideas through comments for this post. Let’s have fun with this event!


  1. Jonathan C. says:

    I saw one that said “No Taxation w/o Deliberation!”

    • ncoppock says:

      That’s a great one, Jonathon. Congress has really overstepped themselves when they pass laws for us (it is becoming obvious that these laws aren’t for them) without even reading the legislation!!

      “No Taxation w/o Deliberation!!” I want to see that sign!!

      See you at the B/CS Tea Party!
      Nancy Coppock

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