Time Drawing Near!!

Well, the B/CS Tea Party Rally with the opportunity to make your voice heard to our elected officials is rapidly approaching. We want this to be a fun and memorable event.

Here is a list of thoughts to make this Bryan/College Station Tea Party a huge success.

Remember why we are having this event.

  • We are protesting out of control government spending and taxation.
  • We are protesting socialism.
  • We are defending the Constitution and the ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
  • We are protesting our elected officials voting on legislation they have not read.
  • We are defending free market capitalism as the philosophy that made The United States of America the leader of the world  in a mere 200 plus years and as the philosophy able to restore America’s financial foundation.
  • We are defending the right to a secret ballot.
  • We are in opposition to Cap and Trade energy bills that would increase the cost of all forms of energy – natural gas, oil, gasoline, coal, oil shale, and all forms of creating electricity – exponentially!

Make The B/CS Tea Party a Memorable Event

  • Do bring a homemade sign. Remember misspelled words and bad grammar will reflect on the quality of the event.
  • Make sure sign is factually correct – e.g. Only Congress spends money, not The President.
  • Do wear Tea Party t-shirts and caps!!
  • Remember signs and t-shirts make for a better news picture. Also, we will have our own photographer and videographer for documenting this event. Use this opportunity to make a statement with your own sign and Tea Party gear.
  • This is a family event – No vulgar language on signs or in speech!
  • No pets!
  • No alcohol, no guns, no pitchforks or torches.
  • Do bring folding chairs, water/soft drinks, and a light jacket and hat for the evening chill.
  • Do bring flashlights if you plan on staying until dusk.
  • Do everything you can to make this event a safe and effective rally.

This is your event! Make your voice heard all the way to Washington!


  1. Do you need a reason to attend the Tea Party. If you are a Christian or don’t support gun control or don’t support state’s rights or … then you are a suspected radical. The list goes on and it is CHILLING.

    Read the article for yourself.

    Homeland Security on guard for ‘right-wing extremists

    • Fred, you are so right. I was a young adolescent when the people now in charge of our government were bombing buildings, shooting at armored truck guards, burning draft cards, bras and flags and staging riots. Now, they are in control, they seek to clamp down on our right of assembly and free speech?!! They were Marxist totalitarians then and they are Marxist totalitarians now. See discoverthenetworks.org and find out if I am telling the truth or not. Read my americanthinker.com article http://www.americanthinker.com/2009/02/the_clowardpiven_strategy_of_e.html and follow the links.

      We must not be afraid. There are more of us than there are of them…that’s why Leftists have to cheat and lie to win elections. This Homeland Security article is purposed to scare us back into our quiet little shells. In 1773, in Boston, Massachusetts, colonists stood up to the largest military force at that time and rebelled because they were being forced to pay for the French and Indian War through taxes on tea and a stamp act on all paper products, without representation in Parliament. If the colonies were solely responsible for paying for their own protection from French and Indian attacks, then why not be their own sovereign nation?

      If those brave men could stand before such an army, then we can Join, or Die. Again. today under the protection of the Bill of Rights of our Constitution those brave men died to bestow upon us. We owe it to those who stood before us.

      Do not be afraid. Be angry and vote!

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