Tea Party in the Snow & Ice

If the people of Chicago, Illinois can gather in this weather to protest the outrageous spending of Congress and the ridiculous idea of Cap and Trade, then we can gather on the evening of April 15th during the most beautiful Spring imaginable here in Bryan/College Station. Bring a jacket and hat for the evening chill, some water, a folding chair, along with your handmade sign and let’s make our voices heard by our Congressional Representatives in Washington, D. C.

Tell them, “This out of control spending has got to stop!”

Cute, but must I?

Cute, but must I?

Tell them,  “These ridiculous Cap and Trade restrictions on the drilling for and the production of energy must stop.”

Tell them,  “We don’t want our Congress designing our cars or eliminating trucks and suv’s. How in the Sam Hill is Texas going to run without trucks?? How is a family going to travel to see Grandma in a lawnmower of a car?”

Tell them, “We don’t know what our government is thinking, but they better figure out what WE are thinking!”

See you at the B/CS Tea Party!!


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