Postcards for our Congressional Representatives

We’re preparing some printed postcards for people at the rally to sign and we will then mail them to our Senators Kay Hutchison (R) and John Cornyn (R), and our Representative Chet Edwards (D). We adapted the wording from this article on the excellent Carolina Journal Online. We will be asking for a donation of $1.00 for all three postcards to cover the cost of printing and mailing. The postcards will be available under the pavilion during the rally.

Dear Mr. Edwards,

I am a registered voter in District 17. Please listen carefully:


Businesses should not have the freedom to pursue profit without having to bear the responsibility when their pursuit falls short. When politicians bail them out, it is not the federal government who pays, it is taxpayers. You must stop this. You must fight to  reverse this. Or I will vote against you and urge every voter I know to do the same.


Robbing Peter to pay Paul is not a stimulus. It is irresponsible, destructive and offensive to anyone with common sense. For my vote, you must do everything you can to stop this.


That means less spending. My vote comes if and only if you vote to tax less and spend less.


See the “Projected Deficit” graph in the 3-21 Wash. Post. This is preposterous. STOP this.


Note that the tone of this postcard is one of a voter who may not have paid careful attention to Rep. Edwards’ past voting record, but is now aghast at what is happening. We know not everyone at the rally will fall into this category. ;-) We also are certain that he will read a total of none of what we send. Yet it is possible that his aides will notice the firm but respectful tone, and hopefully (and more likely) the sheer number that pile in!

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