You probably saw professional photographer Michael Bobinski as he worked photographing the B/CS Tea Party Rally. These wonderful pictures are now available for viewing and ordering.

You can browse the many images of the Tea Party that are available for purchase as prints

You can browse the many images of the Tea Party that are available for purchase as prints

To view all images and order prints of our Tea Party rally, go to, password = Tea

Please log in and check out these wonderful photographs and consider ordering copies to proudly show in your home and /or office or send to friends.

Thank you Michael for volunteering your services both as the photographer and choreographer…it was Michael who whispered in my ear, as he does to the bride at a wedding, “It’s time.”

So, please order some pictures and consider Bluefish Photography when you have an event you need photographed.

Bluefish Photography
(979) 777-6834

Another excellent photographer, Derek Warnecke, took some great pictures as well! He’s allowed us to post them to the new B/CS Tea Party Flickr page. Here’s the link to go directly to the slideshow.

You may contact Derek at

Here are some more great photos from Paul Cozby, posted on Pajamas Media. This was part of  PJTV‘s Tea Party coverage. He has links to other pictures he took at Thank you Paul!

0004-tea-party0001-tea-party0002-tea-party0003-tea-partyBelow are a few pictures from Chris Galindo, one of our core group of organizers and helpers. Thank you Chris!

And thank you all! And if anyone has links to some more, please let me know or add them in the comments!

Nancy Coppock


  1. Kathleen Spain says:

    Ohh the pictures are awesome!!!

  2. We noticed that Eric Aguirre of Bryan has uploaded several excellent photos of our event to the Huffington Post Tea Party collection on Flickr. There are also photos of Tea Parties all over the country here. Though Flickr allows you to download any or all of these photos, please do respect the Huffington Post’s “All Rights Reserved” copyright. That’s just the way we are. ;-)

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