Parking and traffic suggestions

(Note: please see the information on the Event page regarding potential disruptors to this event, and/or download the flyer [PDF]).

My original hope 2 1/2 weeks ago when I thought of trying to start a Tea Party here was to have as many as 120 people attend. Now, it looks like this number could be multiplied a number of times! Thank you all so much for getting the word out and for being willing to volunteer, to attend, and most of all, to make your voices heard!

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In the interest of attempting to address the likely challenges of parking, here’s a map with some suggestions. Basically:

  • we’ll try to have the west-most section of the parking lot on the south side of Carter Creek reserved for speakers and volunteers
  • we’ll try to keep the other end of that lot for people dropping people off and picking people up. I imagine many gentlemen will want to drop their sweeties and/or children off at the park, and then go park as far away as needed and walk back. :)
  • we’re suggesting that if you do drop off or pick up people, that you plan to drive in from the north (like from Broadmoor or Briarcrest) so your passengers can get out easier.
  • there is one other small lot and a larger one on the north side of the park. By the way, our event will be in the part of the park that is on the southwest side of Carter Creek, all around the pavilion.
  • since we start at 4:30, and some folks may not be able to come until they’re off work at 5, it may be okay for them to park in the large lot at the Carter Creek Center, on 29th St. (where Amish Furniture, Tuesday Morning, etc. are). That’s a good three blocks away, but it’s supposed to be another nice day!
  • If you park on the street, please be respectful of the people living there!
  • PLEASE be careful crossing and walking on the streets!

See you at the Tea Party!

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