Join, or Die. Again. for T-shirts, signs, etc.

Homage to Benjamin Franklin's 1754 political cartoon

Benjamin Franklin's 1754 political cartoon, revised

We have some printable versions of the Benjamin Franklin “Join, or Die.” design, with the word “Again” added. These could be used for t-shirt designs, dresses, signs for the event, flags, make-your-own posters or flyers, etc.

To transfer a design to a shirt or any kind of fabric, print the file on transfer material and transfer with a *very* hot iron and no steam. Actually, I’ve heard it’s best to have this done professionally. Does anyone have experience with a business in town that does this?

Join, or Die. Again. Bryan/College Station Tea Party

B/CS Tea Party shirt design

You may also be interested in the flyers and handouts we posted a few days ago.

Thanks everyone!


  1. courtneyhunter says:

    Yeah, I can have shirts made at C.C. Creations here in town if you want to sell them at the event.

    You would probably want to order them in mass. To do that we would get an estimate of what each would cost, and from there ya’ll could let me know how many small/medium/large/x-large to order. I would place the order and you would pay up front, and then sell them first-come first-serve at the event.

    If you only want to break even (just sell the shirts for the sake of providing people with shirts) of course we just sell them for how much it costs us to have them made. If you want to turn profit for whatever it is we decide to do from here on out, future meetings or whatever, we would want to sell them for a few dollars more.

    If that’s something you’re interested in let me know.


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