Flyers Are In!

Bryan/College Station Tea Party flyerWe have printed flyers for our BCS Tea Party!! A big round of thanks goes out to Mark Coppock for designing them and to Jana McMillan for paying for them to be printed. Thank you both so much. Y’all are incredible.

We have:

  • full sheet flyers for posting in public places, and
  • 1/4 sheet size for passing out to friends and for students on the TAMU campus.

If you prefer to download PDFs of these flyers to print yourself, here they are:

Is there anyone studying at Blinn that would volunteer to pass out flyers?

If you would like to have some flyers to pass out to friends or to post in your business, please contact Nancy Coppock.


  1. Sarah Rowley says:

    I would like to get flyers out to the grimes county area. Please contact me asap so that I can do so!

    • ncoppock says:


      Thank you for wanting to send out flyers in Grimes County. You can either email your friends about the website and then ask them to email their friends or you can download these pdf’s and print as many flyers as you need.

      We are a grassroots movement with no budget other than what people are donating to cover expenses as they come up. I have some flyers that I can give you, if you are in Bryan. Contact me about that. See the Contact page.

      You don’t know how much we appreciate you volunteering to spread the word. Word of Mouth is always the best advertising. We have the power and we are the majority. We must join together as a group to see how strong we really are.

      Thank you for all that you are doing.
      Nancy Coppock

  2. Sarah Rowley says:

    I need someone to email me. I heard that this had been moved to Veterans Park in Bryan? Is that another Tea Party?

    • ncoppock says:


      The B/CS Tea Party is being held at Tanglewood Park.

      We are a non-partisan grassroots movement of citizens angry with our government’s out of control spending, ridiculous intrusion into private business, and responsibility for causing the nation’s financial meltdown via the rules placed on Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and mortgage lenders.

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