Climate Change: Separating Fact from Fiction

Christopher Lord Monckton debunking the global warming crisis

Christopher Lord Monckton debunking the global warming crisis

One of the main assertions being used to justify proposals for economy-crippling legislation is that man-made greenhouse gases are responsible for a drastic and unprecedented warming of the earth’s atmosphere. Last night on the A&M campus Christopher Lord Monckton, Nobel Peace Laureate and former policy advisor to Margaret Thatcher, showed this to be a great swindle.

The event was brought to us by the Young Conservatives of Texas at Texas A&M and Collegians for a Constructive Tomorrow.

Please watch the recording of the event!

After listening to Lord Monckton’s presentation, see if you agree with his conclusion that

The only respectable scientific conclusion that we can draw from that is that there is no discernible anthropogenic influence on temperature evident in the global temperature record whatsoever. It is not there.

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