Addressing the Confusion of Two Tea Parties

flyer for the Brazos Tea Party (Veteran's Park, Apr. 15, 4-7)

flyer for the Brazos Tea Party (Veteran's Park, Apr. 15, 4-7)

(Edit: Please note—this post was concerning the 2009 Tea Party events in our area. Click here for the Win in 2010 April 15 Tea Party. Thanks; hope to see you there!)

Tanglewood Park or Veteran’s Park. Pick one or the other, or both!

As you may have heard, the Brazos County Republican Party has announced the Brazos Tea Party, another Tea Party event for our area. This is excellent, since we’re all seeking the exact same outcome: getting the federal government out of citizens’ lives as much as possible.

Since this announcement, we have talked with a number people regarding whether we should simply join together and have one single event. Interestingly, most of them are wanting us to keep our original event going as planned. Part of this is due to the fact that we already had our speakers booked. Another factor is the desire to maintain the intended non-partisan aspect of the Tea Party movement. We’re even a little concerned that with the hundreds of flyers we’ve distributed, if we moved our event to join the one at Veteran’s Park, a number of people may not get the news and end up at Tanglewood with nothing to do but frisbee and a picnic.

So, your choice:

  • Bryan/College Station Tea Party: April 15, 4:30 – 6:00 at Tanglewood Park in Bryan
  • Brazos Tea Party, April 15, 4:00 – 7:00, Veteran’s Park, College Station

Bottom line, anything we can do to bring more people together on the same page, motivated to understand the causes of what is happening and what we can do about it, the better. Look at both events’ list of speakers (B/CS Tea Party speakers; Brazos Tea Party speakers), see what your friends are doing, and choose one or the other, or both!


  1. Please keep the one at Tanglewood going! I am as fed up with the GOP as I am with the rest of the govt.

  2. CORRECTION: The Tea Party at Veteran’s Park is not a GOP event… a group of concerned citizens who got together are all helping to put this on. Yes, some of the folks helping to organize are Republicans AND Conservatives AND Libertarians. That is the way it is supposed to be. It was declared at the very first organizational meeting and every meeting since that this is a non-partisan event. Also, please note that the speakers at the Tanglewood Tea Party are REPUBLICANS (Curnock for one) …so please, stop with the GOP bashing and attend the Tea Party of your choice with unity as the purpose for which it is intended.

    • “please, stop with the GOP bashing…”

      EARN IT! I say that not as a taunt, but as an earnest request.

      Surely the “Join, or Die Again” slogan doesn’t mean to do what happened last fall–join the moderates’ idea of what will embarass them less at their cocktail parties, and then get stomped in the election.

      Join or Die Again has to mean join with all who unapologetically know that true conservative principles work every time they’re tried, and that they are the *only* things that do!

  3. Many conservatives are quite disillusioned with the Republican Party at this time. That’s just a fact that must be dealt with. But we do all need to get together, and that will have to include the GOP listening to us and not being swayed by people who want them as weak as they were this last election.

    In this district, Rob Curnock seems like a strong conservative candidate. He did great at the debate held here at the Hilton. Glad to see he’ll be speaking at both events.

  4. Has anyone invited the Hon. Chet Edwards (D)? Just curious :). I will send him an invite in the morning… hee hee.

    I plan on telling everyone I know about the two Tea Parties. I am going to get our Tea Party shirts tomorrow. How are our events sizing up? any estimates? I am looking forward to meeting yall there. I hope to meet Mr. Curnock and I look forward to hearing him speak.

    In spite of my frustrations with the Republican and Democrat parties, we will have to unite a diverse and numerous group to reverse the nonsense that we see unfolding before us.

    I am ready to do my part. You? Let’s rally and let’s show local, state and federal government that THEY WORK FOR US!!! They are NOT entitled to lead, they are CHOSEN. They therefore can be FIRED. Individuals acting in concert for a common, noble cause in this country can make a difference. This is historical. We are on the right side of the debate and let’s make history. See you April 15.

    One TEA’d off American
    College Station, TX

    • ncoppock says:

      Tom, it’s very hard to estimate what our turnout may be, but here are some items that may help:

      – this site is getting hundreds of page views every day; more than 5400 total as I write this. We had 815 yesterday.

      – *hundreds* of flyers (that I know of, there may be many more!) have been distributed!

      – our Facebook group (thanks Allie, Courtney, Justin and Tony!) has 360 members at the moment. Our Facebook event page shows 175 confirmed guests and 324 saying “maybe.” There are 733 additional people who’ve been invited and haven’t responded yet.

      We can all be encouraged by the great work so many of you have done spreading the word! Thank you so much, everyone!!

  5. Any events planned for morning hours??? I want to attend a tea party, but will be at work during the events scheduled for Bryan, TX.

  6. Glad to see the great interest in these INITIAL events but if we are going to be successful we have to band together. Both the Tanglewood and Veterans park groups need to get together and form a compromise agenda for a single location. Otherwise your going to have people like me trying to make both tea parties and possible dilluting the impact.

    I think the turnout will be impressive in both locations but hate to miss opportunity to make biggest impression possible.

  7. ncoppock says:


    You are so right about INITIAL events, because the Tea Party Movement is about offering alternative solutions to the nation’s economic problems. We are a grassroots movement intent on expanding our contact list in order to intensify our voice.

    A growing list of contacts is what will make a difference in the upcoming elections. This is the purpose of “Join, or Die. Again.” We remain non-partisan in order to enlist as many people as possible, bringing all concerned citizens together to make as loud a voice as possible.

    This grassroots movement will not end April 15th. The fact that Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) says he will have a Cap and Trade Bill by August means we must continue to alert our friends, our friends’ friends, and outward to continued threats by this government to our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. For this reason, the more of us on the same page the better, regardless of which Tea Party you attend on April 15th.

    This website will remain as a gathering place for the people of District 17. This has always been the purpose of those involved in this local movement.

    Thanks so much for your interest. I hope to see you at the B/CS Tea Party!

    Nancy Coppock

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