First planning meeting report

Our first planning meeting was held Monday, March 30. Nine people were present. Ideas discussed or decided on:


  • we decided unanimously to use a grassroots, e-campaign for publicity
  • a flyer will be designed for printout and/or emailing
  • each of us will email this flyer to our contacts, requesting they do the same, etc. (note: this should be resent a few days before the event)
  • a separate print flyer will be made for campus distribution
  • please email Nancy the addresses of websites that are registering Tea Party events
  • we will add a section on this site to discuss ideas for signs, and encourage attendees to make and bring their own signs

The Event

  • we’ll encourage attendees to bring folding chairs
  • Christian Galindo’s son may be able to provide a PA system
  • we would like to find two ministers/pastors to offer prayers at the beginning and end of the rally
  • we’ll need a flag, and someone to lead the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Frieda will make a painted banner
  • we’ll develop a petition for attendees to sign
  • we’re considering printing a postcard with Chet Edwards’ address printed on it for attendees to fill out and mail
  • we’ll try to get “pocket Constitutions” to pass out
  • we want the event to be a call to action
  • we want to conclude the event by announcing the next one

It was a wonderfully successful meeting! Thanks to Jana for offering to host us, and to everyone who came!


  1. Weldon C. Kennedy says:

    Thanks for initiating this Tea Party. I plan to be there and intend to ask others to attend.

  2. ncoppock says:


    Great to know you are out there. If you want to receive my email updates please contact me and I will add you to the list.

    Nancy Coppock

  3. ncoppock says:


    Thanks for becoming a Tea Party Indian!

    Nancy Coppock

  4. Bruce Fuller says:

    I will be in attendance. My flag is “Don’t Tread On Me”. I think it is very relevant. I have downloaded your flyer for copying and distribution.

  5. Bruce Fuller says:

    You should suggest to Edwards that he should attend to see real democracy in action. He is a yes man to Obama and Pelosi.

  6. Have you all contacted WTAW for the free PSA spots they run? They will run a 15 second spot several times a day for a week or so for non profit and civic groups.

    • ncoppock says:


      When I talked to Chase about getting mentioned on WTAW, he said I would have to purchase advertising. Since we are running on a shoestring budget, we could not afford to do that.

      That said, maybe other people calling about the B/CS Tea Party could get them to mention the event. Or, just call and talk about the rally “live”.

      Anything that can be done to help spread the word about the event is helpful. Sometimes, we all have to be a Paul Revere.

  7. Weldon C. Kennedy says:

    Some have expressed concern that there may not be enough parking at the Tanglewood Park.

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