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December meeting: Open Carry Texas

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution

Open Carry TexasOn Thurs., Dec. 18, learn more

Guest speaker, CJ Grisham, Founder, President at Open Carry Texas, supporting legal, constitutional carry in Texas!

6:00PM eat & greet
6:30PM meeting starts
C&J BBQ in Bryan, TX (1010 S Texas Ave)

Advancing the Conservative Agenda

Bill Flores being interviewed

In a recent Town Hall interview Rep. Flores spoke about his plans as the next Republican Study Committee (RSC) Chair. Flores broke down five issues he believes members of the RSC will be taking the lead on during the 114th Congress: We need to provide economic opportunity for hardworking American families, we need to have a strong […]

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Rule of Law: The Duty of a Representative


The current defiance of many Texas State Representatives to respect the will of the people in regards to the election of the Speaker of the House offers another opportunity to teach the principles of the American Rule of Law. This is the 4th lesson: The Rule of Law. Restatement: The purpose of government is stated […]

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Tom’s Sunday Sermon for Dec. 7, 2014

Bill Cassidy defeated Mary Landrieu in the Louisiana Senate run-off so that means Republicans emerge from this year’s elections w nine additional Senate seats and will hold a 54-46 majority when lawmakers are sworn in next year. Among its victories, the GOP swept five Democratic senators from office. Landrieu becomes the 28th Democratic Senator who […]

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Tom’s Sunday Sermon for Nov. 30, 2014

Natalie Dubose is one of those lucky people who always knew exactly who she wanted to be. You see, from the time she was a young child, Natalie loved to bake. Folks in her neck of the woods say Natalie makes a heavenly Caramel Pecan Cake. Natalie would peddle her treats by setting up a […]

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Tom’s Sunday Sermon for Nov. 23, 2014

I am thankful to all of you who allow me to share my weekly Conservative perspective w you.

And thanks to those who forward my sermon to others … as well as those who have sent referrals. As always, I welcome more.

“Obama is Not a Monarch” — by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)

The Constitution designs a system of checks and balances for our nation, and executive amnesty for immigrants here illegally unilaterally decreed from the White House would seriously undermine the law.

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Tom’s Sunday Sermon for Nov. 16, 2014

Home of the Free, because of the Brave World War II veteran Justus Belfield spent 16 years in the Army, including a stint in Europe where he fought in the Battle of the Bulge. He also served during the Korean War when he worked as a recruiter in Syracuse. Belfield moved into the Baptist Health Nursing […]

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The Bryan/College Station Tea Party continues to appeal to our two local State Representatives to make the decision to vote according to the principles of The Rule of Law in the process of selecting the next Speaker of the House. Conservatives adhere to fixed principles of truth and morality. Therefore, ALL conservatives are moved to disgust […]

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How To Regain Constitutional Lawfulness


Worldview Matters – On which foundation do you depend? In a recent post at The Imaginative Conservative, essayist Brian Miller* explained how accepting a false premise quickly degenerates into actions that rather than solving problems, only escalates and empowers those very problems threatening the social fabric of our community. In supposedly “making progress” the devastating […]

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Never too early – or late – when it’s time to learn


Why spend time learning, when action is what is required? Such thinking is not new to mankind. I’ve often promoted the need for those in the Tea Party Movement to learn good apologetics – the ability to defend the existence of God as a part of rational understanding of all things created – simply because […]

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Tom’s Sunday Sermon

Senator Tim Scott (R- SC)

Dear All, The B//CS Tea Party website is pleased to announce a new contributor: Tom Hammond with a weekly column: Tom’s Sunday Sermon. We hope you enjoy! Tom’s Sunday Sermon Many of you reached out w condolences on the passing of my brother, Johnny.  Thank you. Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated in a challenging […]

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A congratulations and caution to Brazos County Republicans


The National Message – STOP OBAMA! The Bryan/College Station Tea Party is elated from the national message of STOP OBAMA! that swept across the States and through out the political ticket. From dog catcher to Governors, the voice of We The People was a resounding rejection of the Democratic Party’s and President Obama’s agenda of […]

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Update: Citizens for Wellborn – 10-2014


Below is an informative newsletter from Jane Cohen, Citizens for Wellborn President. It is very important for all citizens in the Bryan/College Station community to be aware of specific events directly affecting the Creator-endowed rights of our neighbors. James Madison in Federalist 10 explains the necessity of the larger community to foster a respect for the […]

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October meeting and Election Night Watch Party

October meeting

Meeting: Thursday, Oct. 16 C&J BBQ in Bryan, TX (1010 S Texas Ave) Speakers:  UPDATE! Candidate for Texas Governor, Kathie Glass will be a speaker! She’ll have yard signs, materials and answer your questions. Paul Tetreault, one of our own, will speak about: “What is Freedom?” Jess Fields, Texas Public Policy Foundation, will discuss: “Local taxes and […]

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Take a stand for American history

portrait of Mary Sue Ribardo

(This article first appeared as a guest editorial on Leonard Pitts said, “The tale of two Americas must be told.” (Eagle, Sept. 28) I agree. First he discussed some good things America has done. Then he told about some bad things America has done and gave his opinion that America contributed to the rise […]

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Rule of Law: Compliance produces a Republic.

Our Elected Hucksters just like this depiction by Steve Martin [The Jerk} don't even know they are hucksters because they are oblivious to the Rule of Law.

Lawlessness to the Creator’s Rule of Law will never produce a Republic. This is third in a continuing series explaining the principles of the Rule of Law. A lawless game is not the equal of the real game.   In continuing our Monopoly game explanation of the Rule of Law, it was noted in The […]

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The Rule of Law: No Neutral Ground

If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice. - Neil Peart

This is the second article in a series explaining the Rule of Law. In the first article, we established the principle that we are either in compliance with the Rule of Law or we are in a lawless state. [The Rule of Law: Compliance or Lawlessness] Now we will examine the principle that there is […]

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The Rule of Law: Compliance or Lawlessness

The American Rule of Law

To appreciate the principles of governing according to The Rule of Law we must accept that in every point we are either in compliance, or in a state of lawlessness. There is no neutral ground. Monopoly Game example: We all know the card: “Go to jail. Go Directly to Jail. Do not pass GO! Do […]

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Appeal to Brazos County State Representatives


“Throughout most of human history, the rules by which life was governed were usually determined by force and fraud: he who had the power—whether military strength or political dominance—made the rules. The command of the absolute monarch or tyrannical despot was the rule and had the coercive force of the law. Rulers made up false […]

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Report: Reject AP U.S. History (APUSH) Framework and Exam

The Federalist Papers - the explaination of the principles of the Constitution were simply letters to the editor of various newspapers. Can today's High School Graduate read, comprehend and then critically assess the information clearly understood by our ancestors?

The Federal Education Bureaucracy  is trying to dumb down students in regards to American History. The newly revised AP (advanced placement) U.S. History exam is to be taken by America’s top students in May 2015. The framework (curriculum) and exam have been revised by the College Board, a private company making millions, now headed by David Coleman, […]

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