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Our Local (r)epublican Revolution

Before there was an organized Tea Party Movement, there was a spiritual reawakening of the classical republican principles that inspired American Exceptionalism.

[A Letter to the Editor orginally published June 20, 1995, The Eagle]

No Wonder America Is Turning Republican.

There has been much discussion of late concerning the traditional view of support for government for the sake of government. Is our belief in the spirit of America so shallow that we believe only a passing government may define that which is America? This rhetorical argument implies that only government defines a nation and then extends absolute sanctity to the present holders of the office.

Before government’s defense of self when Watergate’s democracy in anarchy assaulted the power of the office, the last time a government of hierarchical values and deferential politics was defended was during the demise of the Federalist Party in the 1790’s. It was then that politicians last defended the principles of the inseparable unity of state and church, the elected over the people, and the wellborn over the commoner.

History Repeats Itself. Read, Learn, Benefit!

History Repeats Itself. Read, Learn, Benefit!

When the first American government fell into the comfortable well-worn shoes of its English predecessors – “We are the leaders, because we are the leaders,” which translates to leaders without ideas or ideas people hate – the classical republican ideals of egalitarianism and civic virtue prompted outsiders to step forward with ideas and criticism, much to the dismay of the Federalists in charge.

Under Thomas Jefferson’s initiative a broader scope of republican liberty was defined in the 1790’s. John Locke’s analytical philosophy fostered and encouraged an even more liberal approach that defined liberty in instrumental, utilitarian, individualistic, egalitarian, abstract and rational terms and by the end of the century, American government had shed itself of the Federalist Party and its principles of an elite leadership and a passive citizenry.

It is this debate that is being stifled by today’s Federalist Democrats. Dismantling the mighty state is terrifying to those with the power to block its dismantling – creating a vicious cycle of false sacrifice.

In the proverbial “what goes around comes around” philosophy it seems the void we were sucked into with Watergate is now spewing us back on solid ground with Whitewater-gate. You either want to laugh riotously or scream in terror when these former anti-war peace protestors state that American freedom is threatened unless they are able to use our military to suppress our subversive tendencies.

Overriding the posse commitatus statute doesn’t sound any better coming from the Left than from the Right. While Senate leader Bob Dole appeals to Hollywood’s sense of citizen responsibility in the classical republican sense of liberty, the Federalist-Democrats, as the unity of the church and state, actually bandy about the idea of government censorship.

Clearly unfit for government service but oppressively in charge, the Clinton administration legislates its relevance on the nation.

Our dilemma is how do you get the attention of people who seized control of government and academia back in the ‘60’s by pushing and shoving and blowing up buildings? Traditional Federalist support of the president’s office becomes absurd when the occupant hasn’t the character to warrant that honor.

The radicals of the 60’s opened a Pandora’s box when they toppled Nixon and now they desire to clamp the lid shut on populist democracy when it threatens their own power. If the choice is between national liberty and justice for all or Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, I choose freedom. Once you’ve tasted the heady brew of American liberty you don’t even want to go back to plain old Federalist traditional respect. So, again, just like in the 1790’s the phrase pushing the envelop of American liberty is: “Vive les Republicans.

Nancy Coppock

Bryan, Texas



Connecting The Dots: Establishment Republicans and the Chamber of Commerce

The need for Leadership rather than the inevitablility of outcome from mere Facilitators. Apart from We the People, our community is suffering from an appalling lack of leadership from elected officials, directors of public services, and the local news media. Instead, we are overwhelmed with facilitators of inevitability. The absence of common sense – the republican […]

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You have been tread on—now what? Come to the July meeting!

You have been tread on—now what? With the snake from the Gasden Flag

Do you know the the proper relationship between Texas and the federal government? Come out this Thursday to learn about it! Keep Texas Free is an education based initiative created to help Texans better understand the founding principle of federalism* and States’ rights. July 17 speaker will be Dwayne Stovall, Director at Keep Texas Free! […]

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RIGHT NOW: Join these Public Opportunities to Express Our Mutual Resistance to Unconstitutional Lawlessness.

1.   Illegal Border Kids Coming to Bryan Location: Bryan Army Reserve Building (Condemned/ Vacant)    521 West Carson St., Bryan, TX Time: Daily as citizens are available. Contact these people via FaceBook:  Brandi Valentine, Shannon Woolard, Marty Bohn. These patriots led the Overpasses For Impeachment Make a SIGN. Bring some water. Wear sunscreen and hats. Fly […]

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Tea Party at the Convention, and the upcoming June meeting

Daniel Akbari at podium, U.S. flag and Blinn College seal

GOP CONVENTION MEET-UP for TEA PARTY PEOPLE Friday, June 6 @ 7:00 PM Omni Hotel – Sundance 5 Room, 3rd Floor – 1300 Houston St, Fort Worth If you are attending the State GOP Convention in Ft. Worth (June 5-7) you’ll want to come to this meet-up for state-wide Tea Party people. We’ll will be […]

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Book Review—Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century

Nullification: How to Resist Tyranny in the 21st Century

Thomas Woods starts his book with the point that in a free society people do not require constitutional authority to act. Government does. He states that the contempt for constitutional limitation on the federal government is bipartisan and long-standing. Due to precious few victories against ongoing and apparently unstoppable government growth, the Jeffersonian remedy of […]

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May meeting with CD-17 groups, and preparing for the state GOP convention


We want to see YOU at the next Bryan/College Station Tea Party Meeting! Thursday, May 15 6:00PM eat & greet 6:30PM meeting C&J BBQ in Bryan, TX (1010 S Texas Ave) At our May 15 meeting we’ll be joined by other local Tea Party groups from our Congressional District (CD) 17.  The purpose of this meeting is to network with […]

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Guest Editorial: Our Future, Our Challenge: God or Tyranny?

Mary Sue Ribardo received a standing ovation upon conclusion of this speech. We hope you, too are moved to action in defense of our Creator-endowed rights as our community and nation move further into the fatally flawed worldview of democracy. Democracy’s tyranny of the 51% produces the irrational belief - might makes right - which in increasing […]

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April meeting: Sheriffs — your first line of defense

Brazos County Sheriff

We want to see YOU at the April Bryan/College Station Tea Party Meeting! Thursday, April 17 Speaker: Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk 6:00PM eat & greet, 6:30PM meeting C&J BBQ in Bryan (Texas Ave) Sheriffs — Your First Line of Defense! The chief purpose of a sheriff is to defend liberty and to protect and defend the Constitution. […]

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Understanding Crony-Capitalism

Crony-Capitalism: Reducing  YOUR Liberty, one cheese trap at a time...

Crony-Capitalism is NOT associated with any political party. Crony-capitalism is a moral failing inherent in all Men. Crony-capitalism is, like all immoral methods of acquiring success, a short-cut to political power and wealth that uses greed to control the will of the people. Therefore: Crony-capitalism subverts the very intent of Declaration of Independence which is the […]

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Oligarchy’s War Against The Tea Party

Divine Oligarchy: Bringing the oligarch's "civilizing benevolence" to "settle" your Creator endowed spirit of rugged individualism.

or: The Deceitful Nature of the Statement: “The Tea Party Must Avoid Social Issues” The new conventional wisdom* circulating among “conservatives” is: The Tea Party Movement must avoid social issues if they are to remain effective in their original mission of promoting tax reform and the Constitution’s limited government. [*note: conventional wisdom is deeply rooted in man's […]

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2014 Texas Primary Results

Davy Crockett
The Myth that IS Texas Liberty

Oligarchy Texas Style Or: “Can you step that product one more time, so I can get a cut?” The March 3, 2014 Texas Primary will be a date of infamy for those continuing to succor that legendary mythology which has defined Texas Liberty. To even discuss the stuff of legend and mythology in this post-Christian […]

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2014 Primary Recommendations

(Regarding my own individual recommendations for the candidates in the Republican Primary, please email me; or if you’re already on my email list you’ll see it! Or, please come to our Feb. meeting this Thur. Feb. 20 at C&J’s in Bryan!) The mission of The Bryan/College Station Tea Party is: Teach. Empower. Act.  The end […]

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Vetting Candidates by the Constitution, Criterion 4: Restoring Balance of Power

Why must civil government maintain a balance of power? A republic can only experience success if there exists Balance of Power within the government. As Madison points out in Federalist 10, the greatest threat to liberty is our own human nature. The influence of our human nature guided by our opinion remains the constant source […]

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Why Take the Constitution in 10 Lessons Class?

The purpose of the B/CS Tea Party’s Constitution in 10 Lessons class is to first reaffirm ourselves of the truth of our Constitution. Only then can we as Ronald Reagan encouraged us to do, “wave bold colors.” Fixed Principles are the foundation of republican conservatism. While we may live in a culture that rejects absolute […]

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2013 Election and Texas Constitution Proposition Thoughts

The BCS Tea Party mission is to Teach, Empower, and Act and with this charge to promote the principles of liberty and prosperity as enumerated in the United States Constitution.  This mission is centered on issues and ideas not on personalities or candidates seeking positions of leadership.  We believe that a truthful examination of issues […]

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Meeting October 17 with TWO gubernatorial candidates!

Meeting 10-17-2013 Tom Pauken and Kathy Glass

Friends of Liberty!  The Bryan/College Station Tea Party invites you to come hear from TWO candidates for Texas Governor! Thursday, October 17, 2013 6:00pm – 8:00pm Wellborn Community Center - 4119 Greens Prairie Rd West, College Station, TX This is not a debate. Each candidate will speak to the group. Help us promote this event! Print a flyer […]

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Learning Little ‘r’ republican Outreach

Madison Project

Demagogues of Little ‘d’ democracy Always Promote Tyranny In previous posts we have learned the facts about how little ‘d’ democracy is the actual threat to liberty. Every democratic group leader’s success depends on his ability to promise his group that he will use his authority to make non-group members submit to the desires of […]

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Constitution At a Glance

Publius Huldah has put together a one-page Constitution At A Glance (note: worth memorizing!):

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The Constitution In 10 Lessons – New Class Forming September 15, 2013

Summer will soon be over – the Fall Equinox will happen September 22, 2013 – for those still aware of basic science facts or, are participating in agriculture. The point is that our lives are governed by change that is itself governed by fixed laws and principles. Absolute reason and order exist all around us, […]

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