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Update: Citizens for Wellborn – 10-2014

Below is an informative newsletter from Jane Cohen, Citizens for Wellborn President.

It is very important for all citizens in the Bryan/College Station community to be aware of specific events directly affecting the Creator-endowed rights of our neighbors. James Madison in Federalist 10 explains the necessity of the larger community to foster a respect for the liberties of ALL members of the community. Concern for the liberty of our neighbor is a moral principle that maintains a republic.  The principle of the equality of all men before God and the law must be maintained by all citizens as part of the necessary moral character of republicanism’s Civic Virtue.  Only by adherence to republicanism’s Rule of Law protections of the rights of our neighbor can a community engender the character to resist the oppression and tyranny of men acting according to faction.

“By a faction, I understand a number of citizens, whether amounting to a majority or a minority of the whole, who are united and actuated by some common impulse of passion, or of interest, adversed to the rights of other citizens, or to the permanent and aggregate interests of the community.”  [Federalist 10 - Madison.]

It is in YOUR best interest to defend the property rights of your neighbors.

Concerns Affecting Welborn.

Dear Wellborn Neighbors and Friends,



Closing of Straub Road

– Straub Road Rail Crossing over the railroad to FM 2154 (Wellborn Road), located South of Greens Prairie Trail and North of Wade Road, is marked for indefinite blockage or permanent closure by Union Pacific. Union Pacific has/is building a new rail yard in Hearne. UP wants/will need to have a place to stop trains for durations of time. UP has determined that South of Dowling to North of Wade is the place best suited for trains to wait. They will block the Straub crossing.  They do not need permission to do this.

Brazos County has asked UP if the County closes Straub crossing – will UP assist with widening/repairing Wade Road and Koppe Bridge road for additional traffic. The county/city is preparing to install a traffic signal at Koppe Bridge and have or want to ask for a signal at Wade Road as well. According to County, the best scenario is UP closes Straub and helps fund reconstruction. Otherwise UP will block Straub RR crossing with trains. Evidently UP needs 2.5 miles for train “holding” side rails.unionpacifictrain

Meeting is Thursday, October 23, 2014, at 10:00 a.m. at Commissioners Court, Brazos County Administration Building. Contact County Commissioner Lloyd Wassermann at 979-361-4106 or County Engineer Alan Munger at 979-822-2127.

Citizen Contact Information.

Discussion – Liz Terry,, 690-0967, and others plan to attend and encourage others to attend, to show up, and to express your concerns about safety and other reasons against closing Straub Road. Propose other options for train waiting locations.

Attention Hearne Residents.

If you know any of the Hearne residents fighting the rail yard, ask them to help you. References –


Wellborn was told by the City of CS that they wanted to “straighten” Barron Rd and Capstone, in planning for the annexation of Wellborn. Also, Greens Prairie Road was considered to connect to Koppe Bridge Road. Where else could their side rail be located – north of Bryan?

Union Pacific contact information -

and can send e-mails –

Managers of Industry and Public Projects – Union Pacific Railroad, 24125 Old Aldine Westfield Road, Spring, TX 77373

Houston – Dale R. Hill; Phone: (281) 350-7798

East Texas and Louisiana – Brandon Kasper; Phone: (281) 350-7637

Southern and Eastern Texas – Andrew Hudanish; Phone: (281) 350-7626


Road Crossings/Public Projects – TX  Jason E. Mashek (402) 544-8623

To send an e-mail –


CS Annexation Considerations


Urbanization – From: Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, July 31, 2014 e-mail

Eighty percent of Americans now live in cities. By 2030 cities around the world will have grown so fast they will have taken over land equal to more than twice the size of Texas. Think about the size of 20,000 American football fields becoming urban every day.

This could be bad news for wildlife, water, agriculture and climate unless we design cities [and keep rural areas] that grow with nature in mind. Right now:

–  Runoff pollution from urban areas is the leading threat to water quality, affecting rivers, lakes and estuaries.

–  Sixty percent of the nation’s rarest and most imperiled species occur in metropolitan areas.

–  Urban heat islands are costing cities millions of dollars – the urban heat island around Los Angeles costs the city $100 million in energy a year.


As cities grow at an unprecedented rate, native plants, pollinators and other wildlife, air and water quality are under stress like never before. Help us build green cities.

[Added - And keep rural areas rural.]



  • Other – The Board and Steering Committee are continuing to monitor the Texas Legislature and possible bills, keeping aware of water rights, utility rural rates, wildfire at risk neighborhoods, etc. We need more neighbors to help Keep Wellborn as Wellborn.


Jane Cohen, Citizens for Wellborn President

Jane Watkins Cohen, Ph.D., 3655 McCullough Road, College Station, Tx 77845, 979-690-3500


October meeting and Election Night Watch Party

October meeting

Meeting: Thursday, Oct. 16 C&J BBQ in Bryan, TX (1010 S Texas Ave) Speakers:  UPDATE! Candidate for Texas Governor, Kathie Glass will be a speaker! She’ll have yard signs, materials and answer your questions. Paul Tetreault, one of our own, will speak about: “What is Freedom?” Jess Fields, Texas Public Policy Foundation, will discuss: “Local taxes and […]

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Take a stand for American history

portrait of Mary Sue Ribardo

(This article first appeared as a guest editorial on Leonard Pitts said, “The tale of two Americas must be told.” (Eagle, Sept. 28) I agree. First he discussed some good things America has done. Then he told about some bad things America has done and gave his opinion that America contributed to the rise […]

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Rule of Law: Compliance produces a Republic.

Our Elected Hucksters just like this depiction by Steve Martin [The Jerk} don't even know they are hucksters because they are oblivious to the Rule of Law.

Lawlessness to the Creator’s Rule of Law will never produce a Republic. This is third in a continuing series explaining the principles of the Rule of Law. A lawless game is not the equal of the real game.   In continuing our Monopoly game explanation of the Rule of Law, it was noted in The […]

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The Rule of Law: No Neutral Ground

If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice. - Neil Peart

This is the second article in a series explaining the Rule of Law. In the first article, we established the principle that we are either in compliance with the Rule of Law or we are in a lawless state. [The Rule of Law: Compliance or Lawlessness] Now we will examine the principle that there is […]

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The Rule of Law: Compliance or Lawlessness

The American Rule of Law

To appreciate the principles of governing according to The Rule of Law we must accept that in every point we are either in compliance, or in a state of lawlessness. There is no neutral ground. Monopoly Game example: We all know the card: “Go to jail. Go Directly to Jail. Do not pass GO! Do […]

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Appeal to Brazos County State Representatives


“Throughout most of human history, the rules by which life was governed were usually determined by force and fraud: he who had the power—whether military strength or political dominance—made the rules. The command of the absolute monarch or tyrannical despot was the rule and had the coercive force of the law. Rulers made up false […]

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Report: Reject AP U.S. History (APUSH) Framework and Exam

The Federalist Papers - the explaination of the principles of the Constitution were simply letters to the editor of various newspapers. Can today's High School Graduate read, comprehend and then critically assess the information clearly understood by our ancestors?

The Federal Education Bureaucracy  is trying to dumb down students in regards to American History. The newly revised AP (advanced placement) U.S. History exam is to be taken by America’s top students in May 2015. The framework (curriculum) and exam have been revised by the College Board, a private company making millions, now headed by David Coleman, […]

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Is our local District 14 State Representative, John Raney, a Conservative?

portrait of John Raney

Report from the August 2014 meeting presentation: Raney is a (Speaker of the House) Joe Straus “loyalist” routinely voting with Straus and openly offering his support. Straus is no friend of Conservatives. Raney has an “F” rating for the Conservative Empower Texans website. Key votes included “massively increased spending by expanding Medicaid under ObamaCare,” and […]

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Report: Nullify The EPA in Texas

War on Energy vs War on Tyranny President Obama is engaged in a War on Energy. The latest proposed EPA regulations to go into effect in 2015, would result in sky-high energy bills, rolling blackouts and increased unemployment with the destruction of the coal industry and attempt to eliminate the use of fossil fuels. Join the War […]

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August meeting reports

The August meeting was a volunteer showcase of reports by members of our community. There were eight reports given, and we are getting summaries/transcripts together. As we do so, they will be at this link:  

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The Dictionary Project Ready for 2014-15

The Dictionary Project

A special message from Debbie Pipes: An apppreciating community thrives when it sends a clear message of civic honor. Would you like a chance for your voice to be heard and your values to be felt right here in our own community? Believe it or not, being a part of giving dictionaries to Brazos County third graders […]

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The Founder’s Solution: One Message of Objective Truth and Morality

The Power of One Message of Objective Truth and Morality - The Eagle's eyes are upon the olive branch of peace, but disrepected peace will be met with prepared violence.

When Creator endowed Liberty is replaced with Man-Endowed Privilege then Human Nature will reward itself. That we mistakenly call this Justice, is why it’s no longer safe to visit the local University McDonald’s in the wee morning hours or sit patiently waiting for an AMTRAK Train in San Antonio. The benefits of ONE moral message […]

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City Council of College Station, Tx to raise taxes


This is important news for all citizens of the Bryan/College Station area, because of the creeping aspect when bad behavior is unchallenged. An open letter from Jess Fields: In this year’s budget, the City of College Station is doing something quite surprising. In spite of rising tax revenue from both property and sales taxes, the […]

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Bill Flores Town Hall

Bill Flores Town Hall

If you would like some suggestions on questions to ask Congressman Flores, the Texas Congressional District 17 Coalition has provided these sample questions as a guide, and tips so you can craft your own questions.

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Thank you, Nancy

Nancy Coppock speaking at outdoor event

From Nancy: My chemotherapy regimen is very difficult. The effects of the scleroderma in my lungs makes breathing hard and does not seem to be improving. Therefore, I must now officially remove myself from the established leadership team and even in active participation in our group. For those who may not know, Nancy Coppock is […]

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Our Local (r)epublican Revolution

Before there was an organized Tea Party Movement, there was a spiritual reawakening of the classical republican principles that inspired American Exceptionalism. [A Letter to the Editor orginally published June 20, 1995, The Eagle] No Wonder America Is Turning Republican. There has been much discussion of late concerning the traditional view of support for government […]

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Connecting The Dots: Establishment Republicans and the Chamber of Commerce

The need for Leadership rather than the inevitablility of outcome from mere Facilitators. Apart from We the People, our community is suffering from an appalling lack of leadership from elected officials, directors of public services, and the local news media. Instead, we are overwhelmed with facilitators of inevitability. The absence of common sense – the republican […]

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You have been tread on—now what? Come to the July meeting!

You have been tread on—now what? With the snake from the Gasden Flag

Do you know the the proper relationship between Texas and the federal government? Come out this Thursday to learn about it! Keep Texas Free is an education based initiative created to help Texans better understand the founding principle of federalism* and States’ rights. July 17 speaker will be Dwayne Stovall, Director at Keep Texas Free! […]

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RIGHT NOW: Join these Public Opportunities to Express Our Mutual Resistance to Unconstitutional Lawlessness.

1.   Illegal Border Kids Coming to Bryan Location: Bryan Army Reserve Building (Condemned/ Vacant)    521 West Carson St., Bryan, TX Time: Daily as citizens are available. Contact these people via FaceBook:  Brandi Valentine, Shannon Woolard, Marty Bohn. These patriots led the Overpasses For Impeachment Make a SIGN. Bring some water. Wear sunscreen and hats. Fly […]

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